Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Outing To The Beach

My mom and dad decided to take us to the beach in Sedgefield on Sunday.  Sedgefield has a beautiful lagoon and we prefer to swim there instead of in the waves.

We had a lovely time playing in the water with our boogie boards.  It was low tide so even little Beth could walk from the one side of the lagoon to the other!

Nancy (11), Beth (6) and I played all morning in the middle of the lagoon, pulling each other and doing somersaults in the water!  Nancy and I took Gabrielle (3) to the other side of the lagoon and back, but my goodness, did she moan! 

Gabrielle and Rebekah (17 months) played in the sand and paddled in the shallows with my mom and dad. 

My dad took some lovely pictures of my sisters!

Beth having a great time in the water!

Beth pulling Nancy and I on our boogie boards!

Mom playing with Gabrielle and Rebekah in the sand!

Nancy having a ride – see how shallow the water was!

Isn’t Rebekah soooooooo sweet?  She had such fun in the sand with her toys! 

Mixing water and sand...yummy!

Gabrielle getting cold!

Afterwards we all had an ice cream! Rebekah was asleep so she missed out – poor thing!

It was one of the best outings we have had at the beach! The water was warm, there was no wind or blue bottles or too many people and despite getting a little sunburnt, we had fun!

Have a lovely week further!


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