Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Photo courtesy:  Pinterest

“There is no more demanding work in all the world, no more awe-inspiring job description than raising godly seed. 
It will challenge all the genuis, talent and grace that any human being could possess...
It is the highest calling any woman can enter.”  Walter J Chantry

Isn't that such a beautiful quote?  What a blessing to know that motherhood is a career above all others!

Much love,


Tane Hannah said...

It's a lovely quote, indeed, Kelly. I do so look forward to being a Mom one day...but, one day. Not so soon, there's so much of the world to explore first!
Tane ♥
Fifth out of Ten

ashley said...

Your're right, that is a beautiful quote! Thank you for sharing that :)

Kelly-Anne said...

~ Ashley
It is so beautiful! Thank you for stopping by:-)

Kelly-Anne said...

~ Tane
Thank you for your comment, dear! I agree, there is so much to explore during these golden girlhood years, but, should the Lord see fit, I dream of raising my own family one day and teaching them in the ways of our King! Blessings to you sweet friend! Love, Kelly