Wednesday, May 7, 2014

7 Simple Ways to Bless Your Mother

Yesterday I shared my thoughts with you on the beauty and love of a Godly mother in the home.  {View post here}  And today I have gathered a few ideas for ways one can bless a mother, not only this coming Mother’s Day, but every day! 

And if you have a suggestion or idea you might like to share with my readers, please leave a comment in the section below this post or send me an email.  I value your thoughts and would love to share more ways in which daughters (and sons) can show love and appreciation towards their mothers.

Now for 7 simple ways to show Mom how deeply you care for her!

No.  1

Spend a few moments each morning and evening praying for your mother.  What a great responsibility and privilege she has raising you as her precious daughter (or son).  Pray that the Lord would give her the wisdom and love she needs in order for her to instruct and rebuke you according to His Word.  Pray that He would make her arms strong for the task.  Mothers need as much prayer as missionaries spreading the Truth in far-off places; they are missionaries in their own home, turning little hearts to Him!

No.  2

Does your mother ever ask you to make her a cup of tea?  If so, now is the time to hunt out her special tea cups, pretty sugar bowls and milk jugs, vintage tray cloths and lovely vases. 
And if you have flowers growing in your garden, make it your responsibility to fill a vase with heavenly scents each day.  Place china, flowers and a love-note on a tray and serve with your most adorable smile.  What mother wouldn’t be blessed by such an act?  And if you find tea-making a rather ominous task simply because you cannot do it well, consider using a tea pot adorned with a tea cosy or get a brief lesson from an older sibling or from the master tea drinker herself!  Add a delectable teatime treat to the tray; it will make it even more enjoyable!

No.  3

Often mothers cannot find time in their busy schedules to even make their beds or give their rooms a sweep/vacuum or a general tidy up.  If you notice that she looks a little tired, offer to do one of her tasks for her, or better yet, surprise her.  She may not notice straight away that her room looks far better than it did just a few minutes before, but extend grace to her.  And remember, you are ultimately aiming to please Jesus who sees and rewards all.  But if she does notice, I assure you she will be most grateful and appreciative!  Place a posy of flowers in a vase on her bedside table for extra cheer!

No.  4

Do you know what book (or ebook) your mother has had her eye on for the last while but maybe feels she cannot afford?  When last did she buy her favourite magazine?  Perhaps you could treat her to it next time you feel like doing something extra special for her.  And remember to get the one you know she wants, not the one you have the hopes of reading and claiming when she has flipped through the pages and thanked you most heartily for!  Fortunately my lovely mama and I share very similar interests and read very similar things!

No.  5

Take her out to tea!  What mother wouldn’t appreciate an outing to the local tea room of coffee shop with her daughter (or son)?  Remember, you don’t necessarily need to go all out and order a fantastic lunch for the two of you.  More often than not it is the little things that count...  A small token of your love and gratitude towards her such as buying her tea is of more value than spending more than you can afford.  And what a blessed time you will have with her; you will both treasure that memory as long as you live!

No.  6

Does your mother enjoy a bit of pampering?  Pardon me; let me rephrase that.  What mother doesn’t enjoy a bit of pampering?!  Think of ways you can pamper your mother yourself...  My sisters and I love to give foot massages or head rubs to our mother.  If you’re particularly good at giving a manicure/pedicure, offer up an afternoon to give her one.  Have pretty music playing in the background – find out what she likes best – and a comfortable seat available for her to rest in.  If at all possible, set aside a quiet time of the day to do this so that she isn’t stuck with her feet smothered in cream and having to jump up to see to a crisis involving one of your little brothers or sister!  Dads come in pretty useful at times like these...  Tell him what you are planning to do and ask him if he’d be willing to help out.  Next, get massaging!

No.  7

There are so many wonderful things a mom would enjoy and appreciate, but most of all, knowing that she is loved by you, her dear child, is the most precious gift she could ever receive.  Sometimes a handwritten letter addressed to her and laid on her pillow or a sweet hug or smile is the best way to show her she is special to you.


~ Her children and her husband stand up and bless her.  Proverbs 31:28 ~

Remember, you can email your ideas and suggestions to me at or leave me a comment below before the 10th of May!  I will share any that come through in a separate posting here on Beautiful Girlhood!


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Anonymous said...

I'm a mom and these ideas all sound wonderful! What a thoughtful list.

Kelly-Anne said...

So glad you enjoyed them! Blessings, Kelly-Anne

Stephanie said...

Oh Kelly-Anne, what a precious post! I love the ideas you have listed for us...ideas that are sure to bless any mother :)

You have a heart of gold, my friend :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration - it's so good to have you at the party! Love and hugs!

JES said...

Wonderful ideas Kelly-Anne (as a mother, I give it a five-star rating :) . I feel fortunate that my daughter has done many of things over the years. #6 is one of our favorites! Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :) Have a lovely weekend dearie!