Monday, October 24, 2011

Nature is Beautiful:)

Yesterday afternoon our family went to dear friends of ours for an afternoon braai (barbeque).  After lunch Nancy and I went for a walk with Aunty Anne-Marie to one of the dams on their farm.  Uncle Terence and Aunty Anne-Marie live on a beautiful farm a little way outside of Sedgefield where they grow their own food, raise most of their own meat and try to live a greener lifestyle.  We really enjoyed our time – walking, taking photographs and picking fynbos to fill our vases back home.

{I love this picture so much}

Nancy loves being in nature.  We call her our ‘flower girl’ as she just thrives in the fresh air and beauty of the outdoors!

The flower

And beautiful Nancy!

We found so many different flowers and grasses!

...And lots of bugs:)

Nancy used Aunty Anne-Marie’s camera to take photographs of a few different flowers she had found.

Buta, their big dog, came along for the walk too.  I’m not much of a dog lover, yet Buta kept coming to me and getting in my way!  He really is very sweet, though!

Nancy and I – a ‘sister’ portrait!

While we were walking, Nancy kept calling me as I was at the back of our little procession all the time.  Maybe it was because I was taking photographs of the beautiful flowers or maybe because I’m terribly unfit...could be either one or both! Ha!

When we got back, we had dessert and rested a bit!  The three younger girls and I played outside taking photographs of each other.  The deal was ‘I take a photograph of you, you take a photograph of me’.  Everyone was more or less happy with that arrangement!

Beth age 7

Gabrielle age 4

Rebekah age 2

Beth took this photograph of me with Rebekah and Gabrielle.

Gabrielle ‘took’ this other words I got it ready and handed the camera to her.  All she had to do was press click!

This photograph reminds me of Maria in the 'Sound of Music' singing ‘the Hills are Alive’!  I'm entering it into Silla Jo Photography for 'Inspired by a book or movie'.

These are my two gorgeous little sisters, who played their hearts out on the hilltop!

At the end of the photo session we were a bit dizzy:)

We had a lovely day:)

I also received this really lovely award from Se7en!!  

Thank you so much Se7en!



Melissa said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful pictures!
Ah the one you're linking up is SO cute!
Thanks for entering :)

♥S*J*Y♥ said...

Those pics are gorgeous!
I wish I could take pictures like that!
(I can't take pictures to save my life!!)

Shannah said...

Nice pictures!!! I really like your inspired by a book or movie photo!!! =)

Heidi-Mari said...

Dear Kelly, these are all beautiful photos!! I love all of them, especially the first one of Nancy and the one of Gabrielle laying in the grass. Great one you entered too!
Have a blessed day my friend. We are praying for your Mother!!
Lots of love