Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Living Testimony

This past week was nothing short of a miracle.  The way the Lord provided for our family and the blessings He poured out upon us will forever remain in my memory.  Little Sofia Cherish entered the world on a beautiful Wednesday morning.  Daddy was with Mommy at the hospital while we girls were with dear friends of ours – friends who opened their home to our family for the four days we were in Cape Town and cooked meals and took care of us while our parents weren’t there.

Nancy, Rebekah and I went in to see my mother Wednesday evening and Beth and Gabrielle visited her the next afternoon. 

From the moment each of us laid eyes on our new baby sister, we fell in love with her!  When it came to Friday morning, I was very busy packing all our clothes and belongings while Daddy went to fetch Mommy and our new baby sister from the hospital.

Friday was also Nancy’s 12th birthday and Aunty Linnie made a delicious trifle for afternoon tea! Aunty Linnie then drove us to Greyton, a little country town in the Overberg, which is about an hour and a half away from Cape Town. We had booked a self-catering cottage there, for our family to stay in for the weekend, so Mom could recover a little before the long drive back to Knysna where we live.

Day one in Greyton...

Me making supper (hamburgers!) for my family.

Day two in Greyton...

Beth and Gabrielle dressed up for a morning at the Greyton market.

Rebekah with some wild garlic flowers which she picked as bouquets for us...too bad that wild garlic smells terrible when picked and had to be thrown faaar away from the house! 


Look at the yummy treats for sale!

We all had lemon ice cream, which was so refreshing after the long walk to the market place. 

Don’t you just love poppies...?

Wow!  I really love this picture!  Six sisters who love each other and most of all, love Jesus!  We created quite a stir in the market place that morning, as I’m sure you can imagine!

Then it was lunch time...and...maybe time for a rest?!

This picture was actually ‘taken’ by me, even though I’m in the picture too!  I put the camera on a timer and hurried to join the girls.  I don’t know why, but little Miss Gabrielle always pulls funny faces whenever she sees the camera!

The little girls and Mommy went inside for a nap after lunch and Dad, Nancy and I went for a walk.  We really enjoyed stopping at different shops and most of all having a cool drink at the ‘Oak and Vigne’ restaurant.  I also purchased a wide brimmed hat for myself which I really love!

The milkshake was really, really good!  There is a little chocolate shop in the ‘Oak and Vigne’ called ‘Von Geusau’.  He makes gourmet chocolates (very much like Lindt) and I had a chocolate milkshake made with his chocolate!  I would highly recommend stopping there if ever you are in the area!

Poor Nancy wasn’t feeling very well, so she just borrowed my hat for this picture and tasted my milkshake.  She didn’t even feel like anything but water, which was very sad :-(

Greyton is such a picturesque town.

And so day two ended with a braai (barbeque) and a good night’s rest...well, at least for some of us....

Day three didn’t dawn ‘bright and clear’ like the books tell us. It wasn’t a very sunny day, but rather windy and gloomy, as it had rained during the night.

I had fun taking a few more pictures of Sofia, though...isn’t she too adorable for words???

...I enjoyed thinking of the beautiful day we had the day before...the skies were so clear yesterday...

But yesterday was the day before today, and today we have to wear warm tops and maybe sms a friend or two telling them how sweet Sofia is...

Or have a photo shoot with my sister...

My grandparents came to visit to meet the new addition to our family and they brought lunch.  I unpacked all my Mother’s felt brooches onto the bed so I could take a picture.

My Mom has been making these felt brooches for the last few months. She and my granny are sharing a table at the Stellenberg Christmas Market, which started today in Durbanville! Go here for more details if you would like to do some shopping or enjoy some eye candy!

Gabrielle cuddling Sofia.

And then our last night in Greyton ended with another braai...

The next morning was beautiful and Rebekah and I enjoyed tea and rusks outside on the porch before the big pack away before going home:-(

I managed to snatch a few minutes to go outside and take some pictures of the beautiful garden.  I loved being outside so early in the day when everything was still wet and cold!

Does this picture remind you of something?  Well, when I saw this lamp post I immediately thought of Lucy in the ‘Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C.S. Lewis!

I love the focus on the tiny droplet of water on this lily.

I’m entering the above photo into Monday Moments for ‘Anything’.

These little flowers caught my eye just as we were about to leave!

And finally, after much persuading and begging on my part we had a family photo taken!!

Goodbye Greyton, I really enjoyed my stay!



Linnie said...

Oh, Kelly-Anne, I absolutely love your family picture and the picture of all six sisters! We miss you...
Lots of love to Mommy and your sisters.

Melissa said...

Wonderful pictures!
Are you entering the one of the lily or the one of the leaf?
Thanks for linking up :D

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Melissa! I am entering the picture of the lily into your photo contest! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Aunty Linnie, we are missing you lots too! Thank you so much for blessing us last week! Lots of love and hugs, Kelly-Anne

Sam(kom) said...

What a lovely post! It was so nice to see all of you and what lovely photo's - love the one of all you girls, the family photo and the one of the lily is great!

Sounds like you all had a great time, we loved it in Greyton too!!

All the best to you and your family and wish you well.


Lily said...

i love that lily picture! The water droplet comming down is amazing! :D