Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time for Tots – Activity #10

Wow! Ten toddler activities already on the blog and more to come! I have so enjoyed sharing the pictures of things Rebekah, Gabrielle and I do together. It is special to look back and see what we’ve done. As I am sure you already know, at the end of each ‘Time for Tot’s’ Madam Rebekah and Miss Gabrielle show me their dirty hands...that is what I like to achieve – good, messy and dirty hands! It shows me they have had a great time! I also hope you like the new ‘Tot School’ badge!

This week we didn’t do a formal activity. Rebekah and I went for a walk down our little gravel road to go slosh and splash and sploosh in all the puddles that the heavy rain left us! We had so much fun in the mud and in the {very little} sunshine! The past few days have been tiresome with all the rain and miserable weather and we had a bit of cabin fever!

But now for the photographs of our winter puddle activity!

Settings out on our walk...make sure you put boots on.

“It’s fun walking in the puddles!”

Hmmm.....thinking and dreaming...

I just love this picture!

“Hey look at that big puddle!”

“Oooh...what fun!”

Back home again!

“You mean I can’t splash anymore...?”

Little Miss Rebekah...don’t you just ADORE this picture!

If you have a toddler activity you would like to share with me, then please create a new post on your blog with your tried and tested activity that includes photos and my ‘Tot School’ badge. Just click on the image, copy it and save it to use on your post. Please also link back to my blog. Once you are done, come back here to the actual ‘TOT SCHOOL’ post and leave your actual link in the comments section. I hope you can join in the fun! At the end of the year I would like to post my top five favourite toddler activities so you have plenty of time!

I hope you enjoyed my toddler activity! I will be back next week with another one!

‘To the tots’

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