Monday, July 4, 2011

DVD Review - Dreamer

I am patiently waiting for a new DVD to arrive from!  It is my favourite movie called ‘Dreamer’. I have watched many, many horse racing movies because I am a passionate horse lover, but none come even close to Dreamer! So if you are looking for a great family movie to watch on a cold and rainy evening, then here is my short review on it:

Cale Crane (Dakota Fanning) loves horses and her father, Ben (Kurt Russell), is a talented horseman who is tired of making rich men, who are only part of the horse racing fraternity for the glory it brings them, even richer. They have little care for the horses and for their wellbeing. ‘Sonador’ (which is Spanish for dreamer) is a promising young mare, but her career is suddenly cut short by a serious injury to her leg. Her owner, who is also Ben’s boss, wants to put her down, saying she is no good anymore as she cannot race. However, Ben insists on her being given another chance. She is given to Ben as severance pay and he takes her home to give her a chance to recover. By helping Sonya heal, his family start to heal too and after much love and care and the incredible determination of his daughter Cale, Sonya is permitted to run in the most prestigious race, the ‘Breeders Cup’, where dreams become a reality…

This is truly a heartwarming and touching story you will want to watch again and again!!

South African readers can purchase this DVD at

Have a wonderful and blessed week ahead!


♥S*J*Y♥ said...

Cool! I LOVE that movie!
Lucky you!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi is the best movie ever! Thanks for the comment, much love, Kelly-Anne

Jessica said...

I watched that movie years ago and I loved it. I put it right up there with the Black Stallion movies and the old Black Beauty series :)

Kelly-Anne said... is great! I haven't actually ever watched the Black Stallion before or the the Black Beauty Series!! The books are great, though! Thanks for stopping by, Jessica! Love Kelly-Anne