Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beth’s Seventh Birthday Celebration

Yesterday Beth, (the middle girl) celebrated her seventh birthday! We had a lovely morning giving her presents, and tea and cake later with friends. In the evening, after Dad got home from work, she went on a ‘date’ with him. She received some birthday money from friends and family, so she and Dad went to choose something from the toy store. They then went out for pizza (Beth’s favourite food)!

These two paw print packages contain...

What could it be?

Goodies for Zac, Beth’s puppy, including a bed, a ball, treats, a lead and collar, bowls and a Frisbee – lucky pup!

She received a purple (her favourite colour) blanket and face paints and pencils from Mom and Dad.

Nancy made her a beautiful necklace!

I made her two Barbie duvets and pillows and a few towels. I also made her a patchwork handbag (I will post about that soon) which I put in a gift bag I made out of my scrapbooking and cardmaking things.  I also made up a little parcel of china Barbie doll tea cups and plates!

Then it was time for tea...Mom made a delicious chocolate cake with cherries on the top which we enjoyed with our neighbour friends.

Beautiful Beth with her chocolate cake and seven candles!

Then it was Beth’s turn to have a photo shoot! I love taking photos of my beautiful little sisters, but I can’t say they are always as enthusiastic!

Miss Beth

Beth and Zac.

This is a stunning photo!

Don’t you just love the socks?

My absolute favourite – I adore all the colour!

This is my second favourite picture.

I love the angle at which this picture was taken and the blue of the sky.

It is amazing that seven years ago I was Beth’s age waiting for a phone call from my dad to tell us (Nancy and I) whether our new baby was a boy or a girl! My granny stayed with us while my mom was in hospital that day. I remember walking into the bedroom at the hospital and laying my small eyes on a sweet bundle named – Beth! It is funny because I had lost my front teeth and couldn’t say her name – all I could say was: ‘Bef’! Now Beth is the one who has lost her front teeth! She is our wild, full of energy, got-it-under-control girl and oh, I just love her so much!

My dearest little seven year old sister, Beth,  I pray the Lord will always be with and that you will dwell in His house forever and ever and that His divine love will always be your help, strength and comfort!  Lots of love, Kelly-Anne – your big sister!


♥S*J*Y♥ said...

Happy happy birthday Beth!
I love the photo's! (And the socks! I have a pair like those!)

Heidi-Mari said...

Hi Kelly!
Please say my HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Beth!!! I hope she had a lovely day! Looks like she really liked her presents! Beautiful pictures, and the cake looks delicious!!
Have a blessed weekend
Lots of Love

Kelly-Anne said...

Thanks Sarah! I just love the socks, thinking of getting some for myself:) Kelly

Dear Heidi, I will! Beth thoroughly enjoyed her day and just loved her presents! Thanks for stopping by! Lots of love, Kelly

Sam (Kom) said...

Hi Kelly
Wow Beth is 7 year old!!! Sorry for the late wishes not been online lately. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH.
Hope you guys are all well!! Love Sam

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Sam, thanks for the birthday wishes!! We are very well and enjoying ourselves a lot...hope your move went well and that you are settled? Appreciate you stopping by and leaving me some love...Kelly-Anne