Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time for Tots - Activity #7


Hello there everyone, I hope you are well. My mom arrived home late Friday evening and all of us crowded around her to tell her of all our doings! As I am sure you can imagine, she was worn out, not only from her bus trip, but from all the chatterings of her girls who just wanted to tell Mommy everything!

Rebekah behaved herself and (should I tell my mom this?) didn’t ask about her once! Nancy and I kept her busy because, like all toddlers, if she was left to ‘do her own thing’ for too long she became miserable!
The other night while I was making supper she started complaining and Nancy was busy doing some of the farm chores. Rebekah is not quite old enough to play games with her older sisters (age 4 and 6) so she sometimes feels a bit left out. I set her up in her high-chair with bowls of flour, oats, noodles and maize, and a cup of water and some spoons to mix. She had a ball playing in her little kitchen, making her ‘supper’ (thank goodness she isn’t old enough to have her feelings hurt, because by the time she had finished making ‘her supper’ it didn’t look very appetizing anymore!). She loved being able to ‘cook’ with me and every now and then I topped up her cup with clean water or her bowl with more flour!

I would also like to say, I am adding to ‘Time for Tots’ by putting a list like this on each one:

Approximate time to set up: 2 minutes
Approximate playing time: 10-15 minutes
Moderately clean, messy, or very messy: Very messy!

Please don’t be put off by the ‘very messy’ isn’t too difficult to clean up and it is worth it to have the tots enjoy it so much!

So here are the photographs of Rebekah’s food activity and her ‘recipes for sweetness’!

Add a little water to the flour and mix...

Add a few noodles to the dough...

...And mix some more!

“Look at my hands!” Rebekah age 1.10months.

If you have a tot school activity idea, feel free to share it with me in my comments section...I am always looking for new things to do with Rebekah and Gabrielle. All you really need to do is create a post on your blog with your tot activity (tried and tested with photos, please!) and give a link to THIS post. Then come back to THIS posting and leave a comment, as I have said already with a link to your exact post. For the rest of the rules, go to THIS posting, please! I hope to see some really lovely ideas soon!

‘To the tots’,


Sarah said...

Hi Kelly-Anne
I enjoyed this post!
I like the last picture best!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Sarah, so glad you like it!!