Friday, April 15, 2011

Outing to the Kouga River

On Saturday my family went for a drive through the Kouga Mountain Range for the afternoon. Beth and I stayed at home because we weren’t feeling so well. Beth was very disappointed because they went with another family who are good friends of ours. Their daughter is the same age as Beth and she and Beth adore each other!

I asked my dad to please take lots of photographs so that I could feel like I was there too and of course, so that I could share them on my blog!

Signposts showing the way to the Kouga.

My dad took some gorgeous pictures on the drive:

My mom says that these photos don’t do justice to the beauty of the Kouga…

A lovely, long gravel road leading to the river...

Magnificent hills!

Look at this amazing piece of countryside!  We have lived in many different places here in South Africa and it has been wonderful to see the different vegetation and geological formations!

A little closer using the zoom...

Then they arrived at the Kouga River which is Port Elizabeth’s main water supply.

The river almost looks glossy or like is so romantic and beautiful!

A gurgling stream...

Everyone getting ready for a swim!

Miss Gabrielle getting ready to splash in the water...but, was cold!

Well done, she got in – look at her sweet face!


Rebekah waiting for her turn in the water

Then it was time to take the long, stunning road home...

A lovely afternoon, beautiful scenery and a cool swim...what a life!


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