Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Butterfly Tea Party and Beautiful Girlhood's 2nd Birthday!

On Saturday my friend, Abigail, celebrated her thirteenth birthday. She had a beautiful butterfly tea party with all her girl friends. She asked us all to please wear hats and gloves, but of course we went the extra mile and wore dresses, jewellery and pretty shoes too!
Her sister, Hannah, is a florist and also hires out dresses that she sews herself. Hannah is very talented in that area and helped Nancy and I jazz up our old hats. She also did our hair for us. It is wonderful to have your very own hair stylist living on the same property!
This tea party really encouraged us to be ladies. Often we just go about our daily lives not paying much attention to the beauty around us, and in actual fact our Father in Heaven loves beautiful things (read this article by Aunty Linnie from Back to Ancient Ways on this subject) but when do you have time to be a real lady? When do you take the time to dress up in a pretty dress or wear hats, and I’m not talking about the hats you wear to the beach or on a hike, I’m talking about the big old-fashioned ones with ever so many flowers, ribbons, etc!
So here are the photographs of our delicious tea party

The birthday girl in her hat and gloves waiting for tea time

I loved wearing my hat and gloves and I almost wish we could have lived in that time when all the ladies wore such things!

The tea table laden with good things to eat, pretty flowers and beautiful crockery!

The flowers were gorgeous and really added a sensation to the beautifully decorated tea table!

Abigail enjoying her tea.

What a lovely time we had and I so enjoyed seeing the different colours, styles and beauty of all the girls around me!

Abigail and her sister Hannah.

It was lovely to have tea and treats with all our friends who care for the same things as Nancy and I do – to be beautiful young girls for Jesus, to remain pure and holy and not date, but wait for the right man to cross our path...each of us are striving to be obedient to Christ Jesus and be respectful to our parents and loving to our siblings! We enjoyed our afternoon so much. After we had our fill of all the tea and fruit juice we could possibly have, we had a photo-shoot so that we could remember Abigail’s special day for many years to come!

I gave almost every girl a name of a flower, and to me, Nancy was our rose-bud, pink and serene. She wore pretty pearls

I don’t really know what flower I was...I dressed in white and brown and wore a mock diamond necklace...

I love my hat; it is an older lady’s gardening hat that Hannah transformed within seconds!

All the girls together, holding on to their hats!

‘Hats off’!

We then enjoyed another cup of tea before the party ended!

May I encourage you to enjoy being a young lady - don’t view it as a bad thing, but as a blessing! I said to the girls on Saturday: “isn’t it wonderful being a girl...we get to dress up and enjoy tea parties!”

Today is also my blog’s second birthday and I would like to thank all my readers, followers and the kind people who take time to leave lovely comments! I hope to have many more posts for you all to read in the future! Keep on becoming beautiful for Jesus! Lots of love and many, many blessings,


Heidi-Mari said...

Oh Kelly that is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I just love tea parties!
I which I could have been there too! I love to dress up like a lady or princess! My mother said I can maybe also have one this year!
Nancy it SO pretty! She looks stunning in pink!
I love you neckless too!
Congratulations on you second blog birthday!!
Can't belief your blog is already that old!
Have a blessed weekend my friend!
Lots of love

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello my dearest friend, me too...I was thinking that the other day because I just knew you would have absolutely LOVED to have been there! When you have a tea party I hope I an come visit you then - it feels like years since we have been able to see eachother! Nancy was the sweetest thing at the table...of course she wasn't and isn't eatable, but she is so cute! Thanks my friend, I also cannot believe it has been 2 years already and I have been having so much fun!
Miss you soooooooo much and lots of love to you and your lovely family! Have a blessed rest of your weekend - Love, your best friend Kelly-Anne

Tess said...

Hallo Kelly!

Iv been anticipating your post on the tea party:-)Your writing took Katey and I right back to the afternoon. One really catches the sweet mood of Bagg's butterfly tea party all over again. Its always such a treasure to join other like-hearted young women and share in the treats of Christ-like girlhood -And the Grobler girls always enjoy rising to such occasions hey? Hannah and I had so much fun together arranging the decor and dress of Bagg's party. And Im so glad each young lady made the effort to be beautifuly becoming for the day:-)

I will try send my own photos of the party to you a.s.a.p! Would you mind giving me your email address so that I can do so?

Loads of luvs sweetie!


se7en said...

Oh What a beautiful party!!! It looks so elegant!!! And well done on your blogaversary, you have a brilliant blog and I hope you have many many more years of blogging!!!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello there, Tess...I love going through the photos whenever I have a chance...we had such a cool afternoon and I almost want to have it all over again! You and Hannah are so talented and I loved the decor, it just made us girls feel like real ladies! I am so glad you and Kate were there...

Lots of love and I will try send it to you soon -

Kelly-Anne said...

Dearest Se7en, thank you very much for your lovely comment! I too hope to have many, many more posts...have a blessed day further!


Sarah said...

Hi Kelly-Anne
Congratulations on having this blog for 2 years!!
I love all the pictures on this post.
looked like a very lovley party!
In Christ

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Sarah..thank you so much! I am so glad you like the pictures of the party! Have a lovely day ahead! Kelly-Anne

London Serviced Apartments Lady said...

This looks like it was fantastic, I feel like as a society we don't have nearly enough tea parties!