Friday, April 8, 2011

An Outing to the Heath

On Thursday we took my dearest mother to the bus depot in Plettenberg Bay as she was going down to Cape Town to visit her mother for a week. My granny stays in a log cabin in the Bain’s Kloof mountains. She has her very ‘own’ river and the sweetest little garden where she even grows vegetables – but more on that in another posting! We made the trip worth our while by supplying one of our shops in that area called ‘The Heath Trading Store’. On the premises there is also a restaurant, wood shop, jungle gym and foofie slide.

While my dad took the fudge into the shop, we played with our three little ones: Lady Beth, Miss Gabrielle and Rebekah at the jungle gym. We decided (Nancy and I) to take them on the merry-go-round first...

The merry-go-round was made of little cars and Rebekah made a choice of taking a ride in a little yellow one – Nancy had to push them!

Lady Beth riding in a blue landrover!

And Miss Gabrielle decided to have a spin a white landrover...what a lady!

Then the two girls, Lady Beth and Miss Gabrielle wanted to play on the hammock

Miss Gabrielle having a little breather on her own...

Sweet sisters
The foofie slide was next in line and Nancy and Lady Beth were keen to have a go!

The foofie slide is the last part of an obstacle course.  One of the ‘daring’ things you have to do is to walk on a rope and hold onto another above...Lady Beth enjoyed this part!

Lady Beth reaching the end of the course...

Nancy walking on the very long swing bridge to the top

...And there she goes! Nancy having her turn on the foofie slide!

Miss Gabrielle got a turn, but she started at the bottom and Nancy pulled her – but just a little way in case she fell off or let go!

Rebekah watching the goings on above...

I have to say, Rebekah has been a star and hasn’t moaned very much for her mommy at all who is due home at the end of this week!

We could only stay a little while at The Heath, but the Little Ones enjoyed their outing so very much! We will probably be going back there next week to fetch my mom. Hopefully then I will try out the foofie slide, but really, it is quite scary!


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