Sunday, April 17, 2011

Learning through Living - the Seaside Town of Sedgefield

My  sisters and I have had a very full life and we have learnt so much over the past few years. We have lived almost all over South Africa and if we haven’t lived in a certain place, we might well have visited it on our travels!

We have seen beautiful countryside, long stretches of ocean, busy towns and hectic cities! We have seen so much and sometimes we forget to take moving around the country as a blessing – we have learnt things most of our friends haven’t!

I decided to take you through our travels, showing places in beautiful South Africa that you might not have visited before. I want to show you crazy things we have done but enjoyed so much! So now sit back and enjoy looking at the heap of photographs I have to show you! I know it might or might not inspire you to step out of your front door and tour the beautiful countryside that you live in! But we learnt and we are learning about life and the world around us through living!

Each week I will show you a different place we’ve lived in.

We moved back to coastal country to a seaside town called Sedgefield. It took some adjusting to for Nancy, Beth and I, but we enjoyed living there a lot. My dad wasn’t working for a couple of months while my mom was pregnant with Gabrielle. He and Beth spent that time bonding – something that Nancy and I had not had!

Beth the little lady

Our little house was right up on the hill, the barely visible one between the mansions!

Beth and my dad spent nearly every day at the beach while my mom rested at home and Nancy and I played our games.

Nancy, 7 years old

Beth learnt how to do chores.

And once Gabrielle was born, she learnt how to be a big sister and help take care of the new baby!

Sisters together

New Baby Gabrielle

Big sister Beth loving her new sister!

We did quite a few crafts!

Beth and her duck (P.S. when we lived in Knysna, a few months later we couldn’t find Beth, she was so quiet. We found a few yellow pieces of cardboard and feathers on the floor, but thought nothing of it...My mom and I were in the schoolroom a few mornings later and I stared at Beth’s duck and realised that BETH HAD CUT UP HER DUCK...she just gave it a slight haircut and trim !)

We made paper glasses!

Nancy and her baby sister...

She’s so cute!

Beth and her doll riding on her motorbike

Photo-shoot – mom and her girls

Four cute sisters!

Mom and her new baby

Dad and his new daughter

Baby Gabrielle

The Lord then opened miraculous doors and my dad got a job at a school in Knysna against all odds. We also got the house on the school’s property for us to stay in – a huge house with a massive garden!

More in the next post!

Blessings to all,

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I really ejoyed this post!
You have a wounderful looking family!
Thank you alot for sharing, I can not wiat for more!!!
In Christ
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