Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Making Special Memories

By Sunday afternoon, after a week of almost continual rain and thunder showers, we were all starting to feel a bit housebound.  As Dad was to go back to work and we were to start school again the next day, we thought it would probably be a good idea to get out for a bit...  
We decided we’d first go for a walk along the edge of the lagoon in Belvidere and then, as a very special and rare treat, we’d all have a milkshake at The Bell Tavern!

We used the opportunity to take a few photographs of all us girls together and of the little ones enjoying themselves on the lawn.  Izzie came along too as she is friendly with other people and dogs and is usually pretty calm after a long walk.

We had such a lovely afternoon making memories and enjoying being with each other...


Sofia loved the response she got when pulling this funny face:-)

 This photo says it all doesn’t it...?


Beth strutting her stuff:-) 

Gabrielle is our little dancer...


These two keep us very busy!

Gabrielle and I...


...Such a strong and loyal big sister...! 

We’ll certainly treasure this outing for many years to come!

Have a blessed week everyone,


Grace Le Feuvre-Smith said...

Aw that sounds wonderful! What a lovely time to speed, that God gave us it is such a lovely blessing! :) ♥
Grace xxx ♥ :) ;)

Tane Hannah said...

Such beautiful beautiful photos!
Tane ♥