Tuesday, November 5, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks - Week Thirty Three

It always feels like such an achievement to type the week number in the title line of a blog post. 
This year has been a good one craftwise – we have tried many different crafts we most likely would never have tried had we not had a challenge to hold us accountable.  I admit that at times it has taken tremendous will power to keep going and, although we are still a bit behind, I feel we have definitely achieved and are still continuing to achieve what we set out to do.

October was our busy month in terms of family birthdays with Sofia on the 12th, Nancy on the 14th and Dad on the 25th. 

I thought I would share the easel card I made for Nancy with you.

I have always loved the ‘window’ idea many crafters use on their cards, but just never felt brave enough to try it.  This time around I was determined to experiment with a new technique.  And as I love (and I mean loooove) easel cards, I decided to turn this simple card into something spectacular.  However, I very quickly realised that if I ever want to make a window card again, I cannot make it an easel card too...  Fortunately it still looks alright!  LOL!

When is your birthday?

With much crafty love,


Ginger Girls said...

Oh don't worry, we experience a month like that too when there is more than 1 birthday to celebrate!

Sapphire P.S. Cute card, I like the ribbon intertwined throughout!

Grace Le Feuvre-Smith said...

WOW I love, love, love, that cared!
It is so amazing I wish that I could do
art like that, but I am not that tip of girl. :(
Grace xxx

Kelly-Anne said...

You're so sweet, Grace!

Kelly-Anne said...

Ha! Thank you Sapphire! Much love to you all!