Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Bit of Christmas Eye Candy #3//A Crafty Christmas

We’re busy putting together a few crafts to do with the little ones during the countdown to Christmas.  And as we try to keep the focus on the real reason for celebrating, we've tried to find mostly Christ-related activities to do with them.  However, there are a few fun crafts involving Santa and his reindeer which I know we’ll still enjoy doing together!  I hope you find plenty to keep your littlies busy these holidays as well as a few fun projects to try yourself!

P.S.  Visit my Pinterest page here for the links to the actual projects...

Felt Christmas decorations.  Very cute!


Christmas wall hanging out of strips of paper and glue...

D.I.Y. pretty baubles.

Reindeer pattern - so cute!

Bottle cap snowmen!

So vintage, so beautiful...  Burlap, pearls and lace.

Make your own Christmas gift toppers out of twigs and string!

Such a cute idea for simple gift tags.  The littlies would enjoy making these!

Elves made from pinecones!  Would love to try these!

Gift tag stars made from twigs...

Knitted Christmas trees.  Aren't they sweet?

Floaty paper birds...

This ornament is coated in glue and Epson salts!

Paper trees - love the colours!

Aww...  Reindeer plate.

Santa decoration made with a child's hands...

Star made from wire and buttons...

Knitted Christmas decorations.  They're so adorable!

I love this idea<3 i="">

Little drum tutorial...

These are such gorgeous ornaments!  Would love to make some!

Little Rudolph made from corks...

Homemade snow globes.  Very cute!

Christmas trees made from book paper!

Love these little trees.  The girls would love to make a few.

Such sweet snowmen made from peanuts.


Fingerprint reindeer.  Fabulous art activity idea!

Look out for tomorrow's beautiful festive bakes!

Crafty greetings,



Ginger Girls said...

I love crafting around Christmas too! Some of these ideas are very creative, thanks for posting them!


Kelly-Anne said...

So happy you enjoyed them, Sapphire!