Monday, November 18, 2013

A Bit of Christmas Eye Candy #1//Gingerbread Dreams

Two week ago I promised you, my lovely readers, a bit of yummy Christmas eye candy to make you smile.  And who doesn't love beautiful things?  I could sit for hours browsing Pinterest, looking at the inspiring photographs of sewing and craft projects, delicious recipes and new decorating trends...  And I meant to share all the wonderful things I found with you last week, but after a bit of consideration, I decided to post something each day this week.  I couldn't possibly fit all the loveliness I found into one single post, so each day’s post will feature something new and exciting.  Hopefully you’ll find yourself inspired for the coming festive season:-)

Enjoy today’s stunning gingerbread houses!  I’m in awe of these amazing creations...  All photographs are via my Pinterest page.

Wow!  I love this little festive scene!  And look at the icing dripping off the eaves of the house...

 This house is certainly very busy.  Just love how it has been decorated.

Something a little more simple...3D gingerbread trees...

So simple and pretty...

Such a beautiful and cheerful Christmas village! 

What amazing place settings!

Doesn't this look so realistic!

 I’m in love with these adorable little gingerbread houses!

 I love how just white icing has been used to decorate these houses.

Wow!  Take a look at this!

A beautiful festive shop window!

These houses are stunning – love them!

And...  Build your own gingerbread houses!  Click here to follow the link.

Stay posted for tomorrow’s fun advent calendar inspiration!

Much love,


Ginger Girls said...

Fun post!!! Some of those gingerbread houses are so amazing!!!


Ginger Girls said...

Those are such beautiful and awesome gingerbread houses!!!! My sister and I with some friends tried to do one and it kind of turned into a gloppy sort of mess but you could still see that it was a house, but not as good as these.
Hair Stylist:)

Tangerine-Tane said...

Delightful - they look beautiful and I bet they taste delicious as well. :) Lovely post, Kelly-Anne!
Tane ♥ xxx

Kelly-Anne said...

Lol! My sisters and I are hoping to make a simple one this Christmas... Will let you know how it goes! Kelly xx

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you, Tane:-) I would just love to reach into the screen and sample a few...! Love, Kelly