Tuesday, March 5, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Nine

...And we are nine weeks into our craft challenge with only 43 to go!  It has been so good for us; keeping us on the lookout for new crafts and projects to try, as well as ensuring we're always busy (as if we weren't already, though!).  And it keeps us creative. 

Crafting is a wonderful way to release those creative juices in oneself.  Everybody can make beautiful things – anybody.  And the lovely thing about doing these things is the sense of accomplishment and pride one feels when you are finished.

Let me encourage all those even slightly crafty ladies, young and old to get creating – persevere and have fun!  Try NEW things – the things you  never thought you could do.  I am certain you will surprise yourself!  And if you lack inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest page.  Maybe something there will tempt you...:)

This week's project is a knitted one.  Now, I confess I have never been much of the 'knitty type', probably because I find it takes an age long time to complete anything! 

However, a few weeks ago my mom and I pinpointed a cute idea for a closed scarf in the June 2012 edition of Ideas Magazine.  (Now, if you live in South Africa and you don't receive this stunning magazine, then I would suggest you subscribe – otherwise, my overseas readers can visit their Pinterest page here and their website for fun DIY craft projects.  A lot of the crafts we've tried so far have come from them.)

When we stopped in at the little wool shop in Sedgefield on Wednesday I noticed a rather beautiful but expensive looking wool on one of the shelves.  Having a closer look showed me it wasn't the ordinary, rough double-knit everyone uses.  It was the lovely soft one which was but a few rands more than the others...I had to get it!  I chose a beautiful shade of green and I had a ball knitting with it!  I have decided I shall never go cheap again when it comes to wool.  The quality is just so much better...

I am quite proud to say I actually finished the scarf.  I sewed it up and wore it!  Aaah...what a lovely feeling.  I look forward to winter when I can enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of it around my neck – right now the days are just too deathly hot to even dream about wearing anything woolly, let alone scarves!


Nancy and I showing off our lovely warm scarves...

Crafting is a definite self confidence booster.  I see it as a therapy and as a way to relax.  I would recommend it to everyone.  

God created and loves beautiful things and He wants us to enjoy them too.  I believe He delights in us when we delight in the true and beautiful things in life.  Just think of musical instruments and angelic voices that are used for His glory and busy hands creating and making beautiful things to praise Him – I think He must smile on us then...

May I encourage you to step out and try new things.  Crafting may not be your cup of tea, instead gardening might be, or painting.  May I encourage you to find a hobby or two or even three and go for it – have fun and give glory to the One who created you with these gifts and talents...

Blessings and hugs,

P.S.  My verse for this week is from Proverbs chapter four verse twenty three.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

And as I failed to post my verse for last week which was Jeremiah 31:3, here it is - “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”


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