Wednesday, March 20, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Eleven

Hello everyone!  I apologize for posting this a day late.  I don't know where this week has gone - I have been so busy lately...:)

For the past month my sister, Nancy, and I have been taking sewing workshops at the lovely material shop in Sedgefield.  We have been making patchwork handbags out of gorgeous quilting fabrics.  



Although we do have basic sewing skills, it is always good to learn from someone else – maybe they have an easier way of doing something...  As it turns out, we did learn a lot from Nicolene, the lady who owns and runs the material shop and designed the handbags.  She taught us a few easy shortcuts that we will definitely be using in the future!  And both of us were so happy with our end result...

What do you think?

Now Nancy and I have stunning handbags to go out with.  We look forward to making a few more bags for others when time allows – they are so much fun and are just so beautiful...

If ever you pass through Sedgefield you must stop and visit 'Colour Fusion Material Shop'.  You will find beautiful, beautiful quilting fabrics there which are reasonably priced.  It is one of our favourite shops:)

Till the next craft!


Grace Le Feuvre-Smith said...

I LOVE your blog!!! great post!
Love grace xxx ♥ :)

Kelly said...

Dear Grace, thank you so much for your loving comment:) I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog - I have just discovered yours and I love it! Lots of love, Kelly xx

Tangerine-Tane said...

Oh, those bags are GORGEOUS! You guys did so well! I'm not really the sewing type, but I appreciate beautiful fabrics, a lot. Me and my Mom love looking at them.
Stunning post. :)
Tane xxx ♥
P.S. We're going to pass Sedgefield in July, I think.

Kelly said...

Hey Tane! I have never really been much of a sewing type myself! But I too always appreciated pretty fabrics, especially since my sister, Nancy is an avid material buyer! However, I have actually come to enjoy sewing things - I enjoyed this project so much because I have actually been able to use it! Thank you so much for visiting, Tane! Always appreciated:) Love and hugs, Kelly-Anne xx