Tuesday, March 12, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Ten

When we set ourselves this challenge, we never thought how much easy, simple fun we'd have together!  Today we celebrate ten weeks of crafting with only forty two left to go this year!  How exciting is that?!

I decided to join busymitts this week – busymitts is the world's busiest online crafting community with over 28,000 projects to inspire you and ever so much more!  Visit the homepage here.  Feel free to pop by anytime...I would love to have you stay awhile there...  I haven't uploaded many of my own craft projects yet, but as soon as time allows, I'll see if I can fill up my page a bit...

The internet really is a wonderful source of inspiration for me.  Although most of the crafts we try come from magazines and books,  I find I feel quite inspired to try new projects when I see the pretty things featured around Pinterest, other blogs and of course, busymitts.

This week's craft is a stunning one!  Again it is from the wonderful Ideas magazine which we love so very much:)

Now I must tell you something.  I just love snail mail.  Really, I do.  If someone sends me a letter in the mail, which isn't very often (sniff:D) I have reason to celebrate!  I love everything to do with sending and receiving items in the post.  It is wonderful and so simple...  It makes me think I am a young woman of days gone by when every person everywhere relied on postal services.  I pretend I am writing to a loved one far away, telling him or her about all the interesting happenings of my daily life...  The only thing I dislike about the mail we receive nowadays are those horrid stamped addressed envelopes containing bills...  Fortunately they don't have my name written on them yet...:)

I think envelopes are dull.  They are.  Really.  Blank, white envelopes with a smudged address scribbled across their fronts.  My soul thirsts for pretty things – I eat, sleep and play beautiful things and if I don't have them I feel empty.  I suppose that is why I think commercial envelopes are terribly terrible.

When I was smaller and had lots of time to doodle and dabble away with sheets of paper, I wrote letters to one of my dearest friends who lived a great distance away.  And she would send me little letters sealed in pretty envelopes that she made herself!  Not only are letters more personal – especially ones that are handwritten – but envelopes are too.  I think they add that special touch and can brighten up a person's day that much more.

I have thus decided to say 'goodbye' to bought envelopes and 'hello' to a new world of handmade, patterned ones.  Please welcome...

...The simple heart envelope...


Photo Credit:  Ideas Magazine - March 2013

Here are a few of the envelopes I made...

I never thought a simple heart shape could ever be folded into such a lovely envelope...  You can find the easy instructions as well as the template HERE.

And now, while my pen and paper lie on the desk, ready for writing whenever its author is, I shall bid you farewell until another day...

Crafty hugs and love,

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