Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Very Good Friday

Early on Friday morning, I got up and started up the wood stove and put water on to boil.  Mornings are getting cooler and we are now using our beautiful wood stove for most cooking purposes, which ultimately means a lower electricity bill and a warmer house.  I then rolled the hot-cross-bun dough into twelve balls and set them aside to rise.  I made up the ‘cross’ paste and got the glaze ready.

By that time everyone was up and about, getting ready for a new day. Nancy and I milked much later that morning because we wanted to set a pretty table outside under the trees for breakfast. Molly, our cow, had to wait patiently for us to milk her!

I poured homemade grape juice into glasses for the younger girls and got the tea brewing. Everyone was around the table and ready to begin a wonderful breakfast together, unique to a special day.

It is such an incredible time as a family when you sit down to a meal prepared right on your own property.  Hot cross buns taste spicier, tea stronger, milk creamier and juice fresher than if you had bought it ready-made from the supermarket.

Of course we are still in the process of getting set up for life on our little farm, but even the little bits are rewarding.

I thank you Lord Jesus for giving yourself up on the cross – for giving us eternal life! You have blessed us richly and we are so grateful!

“Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands.”

1 Thessalonians 4:11
My verse for the week (above) has been my mom and dad’s own particular verse for as long as I can remember. They try in every way to live up to it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

It looks likes you had alot of fun on Friday!
I would like it if you could check out my blog, to see how much you have helped me to make it look great! I really appreciate it; all the help.

Your'e the best!

Anonymous said...

Love the verse!

Kelly-Anne said...

You are welcome, Deborah! I was helped so much when I first started blogging and I am happy I can now help someone elese! Enjoy blogging!!


Anonymous said...

Could you help me a little? The Templates By Tenille; how do you get all the stuff that you've posted, without deleting, to be on the template/background?

Reply soon,

Kelly-Anne said...

Sure Deborah:) First, go to your 'design' page on your blogger dashboard. Select the 'minima' template. Then go to your 'add gadgets' page and select 'add HTML' (note you will have to delete your old template's html code first.) Copy the HTML code you want from 'Templates by Tenille' and paste the contents in the 'Add HTML' box. CLick 'save' and there you are!

Hope this helps you, Debbie!! Let me know if not.