Friday, April 13, 2012

The Life of Izzie: Part Two

Mom and I. Photo Credit: Nancy Gray

Welcome to my second blog post ever, everyone! If you read my first post, you will already know that I am a Jack Russell Terrier puppy who is turning three months old on the 15th. I celebrated a month spent with my family on the 12th and so it is time to share another part of my story with Beautiful Girlhood’s readers.

Relaxing and sleeping – one of the perks of being a dog.
I have thankfully completed my set of puppy vaccinations. Last week I developed an extremely sore ear. I scratched it and whined till at last Mom said she and Grandma were going to take me to the vet:(

The vet cleaned my ear and looked at a scraping under the microscope. Fortunately no mites, just a sore where I must have scratched that got infected. The vet gave me a painkiller since it was so sore and a bottle of ear drops to Mom. Every day for a week after that Mom cleaned my ear out which I wasn’t too pleased about. I’m better now, though.

A few weeks ago, family friends came to stay for two nights. I loved being cuddled by the two girls. We went on picnics, photo shoots and many walks - I love people.

Me, Mom, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Beth and the lovely Miss J and Miss M – friends who visited us from Cape Town:)

Mom also took me with to their Saturday morning market in George to meet other dogs and children. (I’m going again tomorrow!) Everyone made such a fuss of me (poor Mom, she had to continually explain what breed of dog I was, how old, etc.).

Living life on a farm is certainly loads of fun. Every morning I help my mom and my Aunt Nancy herd Molly the cow into her milking pen. We have to walk about ½ a kilometre to fetch the cow and come home again. (We fetch Molly in the evenings again) I can’t hang around for milking because Molly is a miserable cow and doesn’t like other animals disturbing her. Afterwards I get breakfast and watch Mom feed my guinea pig friends. Sometimes I play with Dolly, the young calf (We love each other!) and sometimes I go for another short walk to visit my best friends Miki (short-legged Fox Terrier) and Buta (Boerbull x). They live on the same farm as us. Otherwise we just walk to one of the dams on our property. I will tell you more about them next time.

Till then,
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