Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review--The 101 Dalmations

The 101 Dalamtions by Dodi Smith
Book review by Kelly

It was a wonderful night when Missis and Pongo became proud parents to fifteen adorable dalmation puppies...

When puppies are stolen from the Dearly's house in Regents Park, word gets around quickly by the Twilight Barking.  Pongo and Missis must make a long and dangerous journey to rescue their pups, but will they get to them before the scheming Cruella does?  And will the family be home in time for Christmas?

"I orginally picked up this book for my younger sisters because I thought 'what fifteen year old girl reads the 101 Dalmations?'  But alas!  As soon as I started listening to Mom's read-alouds, I quickly changed my mind and fell to reading it to myself!"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly!

Have you visited my blog lately?
Well, you still have time to join the challenge, as long as you have your creation ready;) Please join!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hi Debbie! Thank you for stopping by:)

Unfortunately I am really busy at the moment and thus won't be able to join this time.

I am heading over to your blog now!


Anonymous said...

Its okay, hope you can join the next one! I know you're really good at it:) Will tell you soon, all instructions and info. Go to my blog soon, and see one of my closest friends' entry's!! Have you voted for her?