Thursday, March 29, 2012

"I Love my Mommy!"

"Oooh...I love my mommy so much!"

"Wait...where Mommy going?"


"...I can't believe it..."

Sofia loves her mommy so much!  She is such a sweet baby sister who loves to smile and be happy.

We are so glad you're in our lives, Sofia!



Tangerine-Tane said...

Super cute! Lovely post, Kelly-Anne! Sofia is just so pretty & cute. :)

Melissa said...


Ali said...

AWW What a sweet post. Your sisters have such gorgeous blue eyes.


Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you, Tane! I cannot believe how quickly she is growing up! She'll be six months on the 12th. Lots of love, Kelly

Kelly-Anne said...

So glad you stopped by, Melissa! Thank you so much:) Hugs, Kelly

Thank you, Ali! I think I'm the odd one out with green eyes:) Have a lovely day further! Love, Kelly