Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Life of Izzie Part One

Hello everyone, my name is Izzie.  I'm an adorable Jack Russell Terrier who came to live with my new mommy and her family on Monday.  I travelled up to Elandskraal, Knysna, from Cape Town with my Mommy's granny.  When we stopped in Sedgefield before arriving at Charis Farm, Great-Grandma tied a pink bow around my neck and bought me a sweet blanket with cats on it.

I was a little nervous to meet my new pet and ALL her sisters (not to mention cows, guinea pigs, cats, etc.).  However, they all loved me from the start!

This is Sofia, my youngest aunt...I'm not too sure of her - yet.

Everyone cuddled and gave me yummy treats such as chewy bones for my sharp little teeth.  They always yell when I (accidently) give them a playful chew or a wet puppy kiss.  I ended up sleeping in my mommy's bed the first night...

I turned two months old on the 15th of March and today they took me to the beach for the first time!!

Wow!  There was so much sand everywhere!  I got a little scared when Mommy took me into the water.  I tugged on the lead and ran back quickly to our spot on the beach.

I love my aunt Nancy and my granny...

Two of my naughtiest aunties...

This is Rebekah.  This aunty and I have such fun together - we're like two peas in a pod.

And you know what?  Someone actually stopped Mom and asked her about ME! They said "cute" which I most certainly am:)

Afterwards, the family had ice cream but I wasn't allowed any cause Mom said it wasn't good for dogs:(

Give all your pets a pup kissy from me ~

Note from Kelly:

Hello friends!  As you must have guessed already, Izzie is my new dog.  'The Life of Izzie' is a monthly article featured on Beautiful  Girlhood.  

Be sure to let us know about your pet in the comment box below.  If you miss a couple of parts, don't worry, Izzie's Blog can be visited here:)  Smiles, Kelly


Tangerine-Tane said...

That was such a cool post! Izzie is ADORABLE and all of the photos are brilliant! :) Tell her 'woof' for me, won't you?

Kelly-Anne said...

Haha:) Thank you, Tane! Izzie is sitting on my lap now so I'll certainly complete your request:) Lots of love, Kelly xxx