Sunday, March 25, 2012

On the road

It is heavenly venturing into the fields and down to the dam for a nice, long walk with the dogs.  This time of year not many flowers are growing, but it is beautiful still.  You never know what you may find hidden on this farm and thus you never tire of this place.

So if you came to visit me today, this is what I'd want to show you...

...But first - breathe and relax...walking on Charis Farm is about the journey, not just about the destination.

If you picked fynbos, Nancy would want to join you.  She loves to find new and beautiful flowers growing near her home...

...You would have to wait for me to photograph every living plant in any case...

Is yellow one of God's favourite colours? 

We stop and admire each new creation we find so you would have to bear with us, please.

We always find something to make us smile...

And if you came to walk with me I'd make sure refreshments were awaiting you at home.  What do you love most to eat for tea...?


I'd return the visit soon enough and watch you lead the way to your most treasured spots.  Where do you like most to walk?

This reminds me of our walk with God and our journey through life.  Are we enjoying it like we enjoy a quiet stroll on a Sunday afternoon? 

What do you like doing on Sundays?

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