Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life. Art. Creativity.

I have heard it said that life is what you make it and I am trying to enjoy it - make it fun and exciting, love every little thing that comes my way. 

This is my piece of artwork that I made for a Valentine’s Day Party the homeschoolers put together. It was so cute! Each child had to make a post box for all the mail they would be receiving (They also had to make a small gift for every other child). There were two age groups – 4-8 year olds and 9-15 year olds. My ‘lollipop’ mailbox won ‘the most creative’ category and Beth’s (below) won the most colourful! Out of the six prizes to be won, we won two! Way to go Gray Family:)

This is our little artist.  She drew the birds on her box without any guidance from the rest of us.  I love you so much, Bethy!

Gabrielle made such a sweet house (with a little help from us all).  We got the idea from Joyful Mama’s Place.

I am so impressed with Nancy’s box.  Although she finished before any of us, it still took her a long time and just look at how much effort she put into it...

...She put even more effort into her little gifts!  She sewed about fifteen felt hearts for her friends!  I am sure she will show some more photos on her blog soon:D

...Some more of Beth’s work...

I made a lot of bookmarks as my gifts.

So we did enjoy Valentine’s Day and everything leading up to the party:) Life happened, art happened and creativity happened...

Have a wonderful day, friends!

~ Kelly-Anne

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Tangerine-Tane said...

Beautiful post, Kelly-Anne!