Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life On Bethany Farm

Hello everyone!  Here are some pictures of our new home!

Can you see our house?


The back of the Groblers house.



The vegetable Garden.


The mielie field.

The apple orchard that surrounds the farm.

There are lots of new chicks being born on the farm!

We are going to be eating lots of beans soon!

The cheeky geese!

Me busy planting lettuce seedlings in my garden.

I often help milk the cows.  

We really are enjoying life here are Bethany Farm!

More photographs soon!


1 comment:

Sam (Kommetjie) said...

Glad you are all doing well and Bethany Farm looks amazing. Happy Birthday for 3rd January!!! Look forward to hearing more about the farm and what you are all up too.