Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let Girls Be Girls - Pink Tea Parties

About two weeks ago we received an invitation from Hannah and Abigail who stay in the other house on the farm, inviting us to a Rose Tea. The invite read the following:

“Dearest Ladies of Bethany!
Please come to our rose-tea, today, at 11:30...
For lots of laughter, pink and fun...
Wear something pink, please!
Hope to see you!
Lots of love!
From the other...
Pink Roses”

Of course all the girls in our household were very excited! Gabrielle and Beth kept on bringing out their pink dresses and skirts and we had to remind them that the tea party was still a few hours away!

When the time came for tea, we all dressed in our most elegant pink clothes and there was a lot of excitement in deciding what jewellery each of us should wear!

When we got to the other house the friendly faces of our friends greeted us and ushered us to our seats.

There was a name tag next to each setting and each setting had different tea cups, saucers and glasses. Each person also had a different patterned, pink napkin and there were scones with jam and cream, blueberry cupcakes and plain cupcakes with pink and white icing. And best of all, rose cordial! There was also tea for afterwards which, of course is the most important part of a tea party!

We drank rose cordial from the most beautiful glasses, even Beth and Gabrielle!
There was music playing in the background and rose petals sprinkled over the table! We felt like real ladies sipping tea and chatting!

Hannah is a florist and makes such beautiful bouquets from the flowers on the farm!
Tea parties are very special to ladies! Girls love beautiful things! They love to dress up and pretend! Drinking from tea cups and eating little cakes is lots of fun and I find it so sad when girls take delight in things that are beyond their age! Right now, we are enjoying every moment of girlhood! Dressing in and skirts and dresses and having tea parties, I believe is a very important part of being a young girl!

I encourage you, as young ladies, to organize such tea parties and dress beautifully and enjoy time together with your close friends! Enjoy your time of girlhood, make it beautiful and special!


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Tess said...

Lovely!! What a wonderful reason to enjoy our femininity together hey? I love such spontaneous treats! I collect little odds-and-ends for my future wedding trueso, and I do so love having a reason to dust of my tea-set and linen and dress up for a tea-party!

These moments are the treasures of young feminine souls...