Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Sweetest Little Bits of Happiness...

...I was not intending to buy a beautiful tea pot today, I promise...  
And oh!  I just knew I shouldn't have gone into that second~hand store...  
But dear oh dear!  When I walk into a shop that has pretty tea cups, milk jugs, tea pots and other darling vintage~y items...I am a hopeless case!  

I was on the hunt for a pot to melt soap base in...yes indeed!  We are about to attempt a little soap making this week, dear friends!  
And then...I spotted it...
I fell in love and I simply had. to. have. it!  


 One thing I have learnt over the years that I have had an obsession for all things lovely is...never walk into a second~hand store with something...even a little something...in your purse.

As I was about to head to the fabric shop to do some much needed material shopping...I did have something on me...  I walked out the store deep in thought...and walked back in...then I walked out again, this time carrying my darling little tea pot carefully with a big smile on my face!

You see, my mother and grandmother have a few of the tea cups in this set which you may have seen dotted around my blog over the years...  
And I also wanted to have something just like theirs...although mine has a yellow pattern on it instead of the green theirs has.  Don't you simply adore the pretty rose and leaf pattern?
But oh!  I love it and I have just poured myself a cup of tea...brewed in my sweet little tea pot of course!  {{happy sigh}}

"Tea and letters are the best combination..." 
~ Kelly-Anne

I also popped by the post office...and discovered a deligthful letter from my sweet friend Miss M, and also from Margaret who blogs at Tea in the Valley...  
My sister, Nancy, met Margie during a tea cup exchange earlier this year, and now all three of us write letters - blog friends are the loveliest, aren't they...?

And Margie sweetly included two yummy blends of tea for each of us...both Christmassy flavoured!  I just had to sample the one now, but I did save the Christmas Morning tea for...Christmas morning!
Hmmm...I love spicy tea, and it is all the sweeter knowing it was lovingly sent all the way from Canada by Margaret!

I have some other splendid news to share too...our lovely friends, Miss M and her dear sister, Miss J, are coming to spend a week with us soon!  
Oh, we are all so thrilled and are already planning tea parties, walks and photo~shoots in the forest, along with watching the concert Nancy is playing in on the 28th together!  

Sisters in the Lord are hard to come by, and I am truly thankful for these sweet friends who share our love of vintage, tea and all things lovely...and of course for Jesus!

Ah...I just had to share this happiness with you today, dear friends!
May you have a blessed Tuesday further...I am off to sew a bit whilst watching Sense and Sensibility...{{smiles}}

~ Love and hugs ~

Do you have penfriends in other countries?
Do you have an obsession for anything lovely and vintage?


JES said...

I would not have passed up that beautiful tea pot either!!! :)

Lydia Scott said...

Amen to not walking into thrift stores with something in your purse! I always end up spending it on books that I don't really HAVE to have!
Beautiful tea pot Kelly-Anne!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly-Anne! I am the exact same way :) Last week we went to an antique shop up the road from our house, and we only walked around about 1/4 of the store (I had to get home to make dinner), and oh! The beautiful things in there :) I, too, have a tremendous weakness for old-fashioned things, I just love the simplicity of them, and to think of the people who used them and how their life was back in the "olden days". Such great fun!

Your tea pot is adorable- another weakness of mine ;) I hope you are having a lovely week so far! Thinking of you often, my friend! Much love to you and your family!!

Cheryl said...

What a lovely teapot, sweet friend! So thankful you found it, and it brought such delight to your day. And then to receive the tea in the mail...what a dear ending to your day! Thank you for sharing with us here. :) Sending you big hugs from far away!!

Vicky Hunt said...

Hello sweet friend! I just adore your lovely new teapot! I would not have been able to resist it either. It is so pretty! How nice to have received letters in the mail today. I do love receiving what I call happy mail and it sounds like you do too! I guess everyone loves to receive a letter or parcel in the mail though! I know you are looking forward to your company and hope you young ladies have a delightful time together! Have a blessed and beautiful Wednesday.

Hugs, Vicky

Margie said...

Your new teapot is beautiful, Kelly-Anne! I think you were meant to find it! I'm well aware of the dangers of visiting a second-hand store. Hee!

I'm glad to hear that my Christmas cards arrived safely. I mailed them super early because I thought it might take 2 months to reach you. Enjoy!

Stephanie said...

My dear, sweet Kelly-Anne, I am finally here visiting YOU :) Oh, how I have missed you and your beautiful posts. Visiting your blog is a highlight in my day, dear friend.

Your tea pot is simply delightful! I most certainly would not have been able to pass it up. Some things are just meant to be and this tea pot was meant for you.

Sending much love and sweet hugs your way!

Kim said...

What a treasure you found in that teapot, Kelly-Anne. It was just meant to be. Thrift shop shopping is always a fun thing to do. How exciting to spend special times with your friends. I can see many a cup of tea being poured from your lovely new teapot!

Daniela said...

My darling, I also wouldn't have been able to resist such a temptation, this tea pot is so lovely ... actually., let me say that I find it so sweet and delicate as you are, my blessed friend !

Have a joyous remainder of your week, precious Kelly-Anne
with all my heart

Paige said...

What a sweet teapot! Sometimes it's worth it to get something that will brighten up your day (or more than a day ; )).
Also, how fun to get some tea from your friend...AND to be able to look forward to a visit! It really is good to find friends in the Lord. :)

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Ah yes, the dangers of shopping with a bit of "something' in your purse, especially when such a beautiful teapot is found! How lovely that it is in the same design as your mother's tea cups! Of COURSE you had to get it! And what a precious gift to receive in the mail - some new tea - you see, it was just meant for you to have that teapot! :) I know you will have a lovely time with your friends coming to visit and enjoying your new teapot too! Always a delight to visit here with you Kelly-Anne, and I love your quote about tea and letters - so true! Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Ida said...

Kelly-Anne your teapot is just beautiful. That was a wonderful little find. I've had that same thing happen to me when I visit places like that so I completely understand. How exciting that your friends are coming for a visit. I hope you all have a grand time.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh Kelly-Anne, you certainly deserved to buy yourself a darling teapot in the second hand shop! It is so hard to resist pretty things, but you are bringing home this teapot and giving it a happy home to be used again with love.
What fun to receive cards and tea in the mail. Margie is such a sweetheart and when you drink the tea she sent you will be thinking of her. Blogging friends are so wonderful, aren't they?
I'm leaving for Ohio today to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my 86 year old Mom. It will be wonderful to be with her and she is thrilled that I'm doing the cooking.
Enjoy your week, sweet friend! xo

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, dearest, Kelly-Anne, I would not have been able to resist this gorgeous teapot. I love it and so appreciate all the views of this beauty! I am looking forward to a dear friend's Christmas Tea that she has every year. We have such a wonderful time and then spend the time afterwards in her living room watching her open the gifts we give her as a token of thanks. As you know, it's a lot of work! Hugs, sweet friend!