Tuesday, June 11, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks - Week Nineteen

 I have just checked my calendar and realized I haven’t written this month yet...

What has happened to me and what have I been doing these past two weeks?
Let’s see... I got stuck into the garden; spending plenty of hours fixing beds and planting peas, broad beans and other little things before the really cold weather set in.  I caught up with one or two friends over the internet, spent hours on Pinterest redoing my page and then attacking my bedroom and turning it into a somewhat crafty haven.  Working, baking, reading and music practice took up my leftover hours.  Rebekah also celebrated her fourth birthday on the third and then all our littlies got a bout of terrible colds!
I have had a lovely little ‘break’, thank you, but now I am excited about getting back into sharing lovely things on my blog for all my readers to enjoy.  And welcome to my newest followers; I hope you enjoy your stay:-) 

I am sure many of you may be wondering if I have perhaps lost interest in achieving my goal of fifty projects in fifty two weeks.  My answer to that is a definite NO!  If anything I am more enthusiastic and determined to accomplish what I set out to do... 

Shall I show you what a made out of a plain {but tiny} birdcage we had sitting on the shelf gathering dust?

CraftsBeautiful Magazine again gave me some wonderful inspiration and I set about making Cathie Shuttleworth’s gorgeous birdcage from the February 2013 issue {All you have to do is download the template pack}.  Did you know that birdcages are very ‘in’ at the moment in the home decor and vintage world?  Decorating your own is so much fun and looks so beautiful when hung up!

There are so many wonderful things to create and make and so much inspiration out there.  Sometimes the internet is a wonderful place to start.  If you are a newbie to crafting, why not visit the Crafts Beautiful website which is packed with freebies, templates and project inspiration.  Ideas Magazine’s website is also fantastic.  You will find plenty of crafty candy to feast your eyes upon there!  And if you have some extra time, visit a few Pinterest pages for heaps of pretty things to ‘like’ and repin.  My current favourite page is Miss Jen’s from Blessed Femina.  You can visit her Pinterest here.

Crafty greetings!

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