Tuesday, February 19, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Seven

 Don’t you just love messy craft projects?  I know I do, although I confess that sometimes I just don’t feel up to the big clean up at the end of it…

This week Nancy, Beth and I tried our hand at printing with lace using a rolling pin and lots of pink paint (did I mention I am crazy about the color pink?…Perhaps you haven’t figured that out yet!). 

Ideas Magazine gave us a wonderful tutorial in their June 2012 edition which was fairly easy to follow…

 We decided to print a lace pattern on thin cardstock to use as gift wrap or to be folded as simple cards…  We just love the end result:)

This is a very straightforward craft, once all the preparation is complete, that is.  The cleaning up and packing away was not so bad and I admit that it was worth it!

To many more crafts in 2013 ~

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