Monday, January 28, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Four

Good evening everyone!  Welcome back to another craft project for 2013!  This week we have been very busy designing and making fabric covered diaries and journals.  Unfortunately we are still working out and experimenting with the different measurements for a tutorial so I will only be able to share this fabulous craft with you next time...

Today however I am showing you a very simple project that is easy to make and perfect as gifts.  Clue:  It smells lovely, looks pretty and can be used to wash your hands...the answer is beautiful fabric and lace wrapped soaps!

The only things you will need to make a small stash of these cute soaps is...

Assorted scented soaps of your choice (We used a delicious pomegranate, rooibos and Shea butter  soaps.)
Patterned fabric of your choice, cut to a size that will adequately cover the soap you're using once wrapped.
Assorted ribbon and lace of your choice.
Double sided tape, material scissors, a ruler and a marker.
1.  Using a ruler and marker, measure and cut the fabric to fit the soap.  Remember you will be wrapping the soap like a present.
2.  Place the soap in the middle of the fabric and carefully fold two of the oppsite sides together.  You will need to make a little fold on one side of the fabric to form a neat edge.  Secure with double sided tape.
3.  Next you will need to fold over the other two sides and secure with double sided tape.  Fold as if you are wrapping your friend's birthday present in normal wrapping paper.  Hide the ugly frayed edges by folding and then securing with double sided tape.  It does take some practice to get your soap beautifully wrapped with a nice, neat finish.
4.  Now you can choose the lace/ribbon you want to use and finish off your soap by wrapping some around your soap and securing with a knot or bow.  Experiment with different ways...

You could also try wrapping a two or three soaps in coordinating fabrics and then tying one larger piece of ribbon or lace around all of them.  This makes a stunning gift for a hostess or a sewing enthusiast as they not only get the lovely soap as a gift, but also a beautiful piece of fabric and lace to use in a future sewing project!  If you have people staying with you for a while, lay folded towels on their beds with beautifully wrapped soaps.  Choose flavours to match a person's personality.  Otherwise just pop one or two into a gift bag along with the main present...

...And as the soap rests in the fabric, it will start giving off a lovely smell again.  I left some wrapped soap on a shelf in my bedroom and now I catch a delicious whiff of pomegranate whenever I walk into my room!

This idea was adapted from 'Sarah Moore's Homemade Gifts Vintage Style'.  Buy now from

Till next time!

P.S.  As I wasn't able to post last week's verse on my blog (week number four), I have decided to share it today...

“Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.”  Acts 16:31

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