Saturday, July 7, 2012

Visiting {in Black and White}

This past Wednesday we finally got together with our sweet friends, Kaelah and Bethany. We live about 16km away from each other but each lead such busy lives that we rarely visit. Nevertheless, Kaelah and I managed, via email, to arrange a day that would suit us all .

Izzie came along to meet Kaelah’s Border Collie, Scamper. I can’t say the two of them ‘hit it off’ like we had had hoped:( Instead they stayed on their leads and we had a pretend dog show with Nancy and Bethany being the two very difficult-to-please judges.

Beth and Alanna, their younger sister, played beautifully together and at tea time we ate home baked scones made by me and drank yummy tea – thanks Kaelah!

I took a few snapshots of the day. I didn’t spend a long time planning, etc so they really are just ‘snapshots in black and white:)

Kaelah (left) and I at tea time.

On the trampoline...Bethany (left), Nancy (middle) and Anri (right) who popped in half way through the visit – it was good to see her again too.

Alanna cuddling Izzie.


Izzie found a chew toy to keep herself amused.

Please hop over to Kaelah’s (recently launched) blog for more photographs of our day together.

Have a wonderful weekend further!


Kaelah Michelle said...

So lovely Kelly!
see you Wednesday!

Sunbird said...