Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Life of Izzie: Part Three

A big hello to all my mom’s blog readers! Remember me...? I’m Izzie, a little (or not so little anymore) Jack Russell Terrier pup. It has been over a month since my last post in which I told you about the things I normally do each day. And in this part of ‘Izzie’s Blog’ I shall tell you all about my best friends and the things we usually do together.

From left to right: Miki, me and Buta on one of our long walks on the farm!

Miki is a female short legged Fox Terrier and she belongs to Aunty Anne-Marie, our neighbour and sweet friend. Miki has a few really bad habits including (a) getting grumpy with everyone (b) ignoring humans and (c) not staying still for a split second – Mom gets SO frustrated as she can’t take a good photograph of her!

Miki as a puppy.

Miki and I go almost everywhere with our owners and sometimes we even go out together! This photo was taken when our families went to get compost from a neighbouring farm. Miki and I rolled in the dirt so much that Mom gave me a bath when we got home. I don’t like baths.

This is dear old Buta. He is a German Shepherd x Boerbul and he is like our ‘big daddy’ who stands watching us with his patient and utterly daft expression. Everybody loves him!

Buta LOVES children!

Because we live just down the road from each other, I usually see Miki and Buta every second day or so. We mostly play at Miki’s house when my family visit Aunty Anne-Mari and Uncle Terence but sometimes Miki comes to see me. Buta never comes though. He really is very big and lumbering:)

The best part of living on a farm with friends down the road is going for walks!! Mom sometimes stops to take them along or Aunty Anne-Mari will come too. I am so active that not even half an hour off-lead in the fields rids me of my seems to tire Mom and the rest of my family out...

On the whole, I love my canine friends as much as my human pets. They are fun in their own ways and make life interesting!

By the way, Mom has started giving me ten minute training sessions each day.
Things we have learnt so far:
(i) Sit – I am a pro at this important command.
(ii) Lie – just mastered this one.
(iii) Stay – this one is so tricky but I’m getting there!
(iv) Come – this command is the toughest of them all.

Mom took this photo of me for a photography course assignment. Unfortunately it didn’t work so well since the back of my head is over-exposed and you can’t see my one eye. Mom said it wasn’t such a good composition either, but that’s how you learn I suppose. I still like this photo - I look very cute in it:)

And that is me for May – I’ll be back next month with some more bits and bites! Keep your pets warm this winter with lots of cuddles and kisses.


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