Sunday, May 6, 2012

Debbie’s Designer Challenge – Purses, Beads or Jewellery

 Hello friends! Deborah from Debbie’s Designer asked me to join her designing challenge for ‘Purses or Jewellery’.

I made this pink necklace some time ago for my very dear friend, Heidi-Mari.

I got the idea for this necklace from Ideas Magazine October 2006.

The instructions are as follows:

250cm Pink organza ribbon (1 cm wide)
Darning needle and embroidery needles
Selection of pink and white glass beads in a variety of shapes and sizes
Matching coloured sewing thread
Necklace clasp

1. Cut two 65cm lengths of ribbon and two 50cm lengths. To decorate each length, thread one end of the ribbon through the eye of a darning needle and use it to thread beads onto the ribbon. To position each bead, tie a knot in the ribbon and gently pull it taut before pushing the bead over the knot to secure. Continue in this way until you have the desired number of beads on the length of ribbon. Repeat on the three other ribbons.

2. Using matching-coloured thread, sew four lengths of ribbon together at either end with a few small running stitches.

3. Carefully insert the ends into the section of a necklace clasp, fold the ends of the ribbon over and secure with neat hand stitches. To cover stitching, cut a small strip of ribbon, fold it in half and place on top of stitching. Sew it in place on either side with tiny slip-stitches.

You’re done!

Please hop over to Debbie’s blog here to take part in her challenge!


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