Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brave Sister

My brave little sister, Beth, went in to have a hernia repair operation yesterday afternoon. 

Beth's hernia caused her so much pain and discomfort that even though yesterday was scary and not at all pleasant for her, she was glad it was fixed and she could carry on being our wonderful and active Bethy girl:)

Because Sofia is too young to be seperated from my mom and my mom didn't want her exposed to unnecessary germs, I went instead to the hospital with Dad and Beth.  I looked after her and read her stories during the wait for her operation.  Dad popped in every hour or so (he works very close to the hospital) and when it came to the time for her to go in to theatre, Dad was there with her, holding her hand while she fell asleep...

Well done, my little sister - you are so brave and I am so proud to be your sister!


UPDATE:  Beth is doing well today. She is still in a lot of pain and in bed, but having fun playing with her new paperdolls Mom and Dad bought her!


se7en said...

Oh sweet little sister... get better so soon!!! Lots of love from Fish Hoek!!!

Anonymous said...


I awarded you on my blog!

Ginger Girls said...

Oh poor thing! I can't imagine what she is going through. May God give her the strengh and mercy to heal up in due time.