Monday, April 19, 2010

Card Making With Friends

I love card making! I can design and glue and create a beautiful piece of art within a few hours!

I especially love card making with my mom or friends! We can chat about the latest card making blogs and what we plan to make that week, while sticking and creating our cards!

Last week I had such fun with paper and friends!

Tuesday, we had two of our friends come and make cards. It was holidays, so they could come in the morning and stay the whole day!

Look at Gabrielle's face! We gave her a tray of paper offcuts! She had fun just sticking everything together!

I had gotten everything ready and printed out the stamps the day before, so I wouldn't have to spend too much time on that while they were here!

We had a lovely morning spending time together and crafting! Nancy and Beth joined in too, but my main focus was on helping the other girls do their cards, as I could always help my sisters the next day.

We did card making in the morning, and then we went outside for tea and biscuits. We then played a little with the hobby horses and Cody, our dog. During that time playing, Beth fell and cut her hand on a nail, so there was quite a bit of drama while Mom and Dad fixed her up. We then had lunch outside. After that we came back inside and did the finishing touches on the cards. They turned out quite nicely if you ask me!

mmmm....can't wait!

Rebekah, doing what toddlers do best - mess!

We then cleaned up and sat down to watch the movie: 102 Dalmatians (not the animated one). Their dad then came and they had supper with us!

We had a lot of fun together and they got to try their hands at card making!

Thursday was the day I had been looking forward to the whole week! I was going to my best friend, Heidi-Mari to make cards together! We took part in the Simon Says challenge.


Cutting the cupcake paper!

Heidi-Mari had received some new stamps the day before, so we had fun choosing which one we were going to use on our cards!

Heidi created the most adorable birthday card for a little boy, and I made a card for Gabrielle, who's birthday is on Saturday, April 17th.

Heidi-Mari's card! It is so cute!

My card

The 2 cupcake rectangles open up, so I can write a birthday poem or message!

We had so much fun! We basically made cards the whole afternoon! Heidi-Mari's younger brother made lunch for us, so we didn't even have to do that!! We just glued and created the whole time! I was very sad when the day came to an end! We were both very happy with our creations! What do you think?



Annaleah said...

I also love cardmaking very much. You and your friends do have a great talent about it. Nice cards.

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello Annaleah! Card making is a lovely way to spend time, at least I think so! Thank you so much for stopping by to look at our creations