Monday, April 18, 2016

To A Sweet Little Lady ~ On Her Birthday

Today a very special little lady in our family celebrates her ninth birthday...

Miss Gabrielle is now a precious nine year old who can bring sunshine to so many through her beautiful, captivating smile!

Her heart is small and true, and she has a precious, sincere faith in the Lord.  
It was Gabrielle who particularly shed many tears each time another baby was miscarried, and it was she who faithfully prayed for the baby brother we are about to meet...  God answered the earnest prayer of this little girl, and her trust in Him has deepened...

Ever since Gabrielle began reading a few years ago, her free time has been spent with her nose buried in a book.  Books are wonderful friends to her, and she takes great pleasure in adding useful facts to her store knowledge...
Apart from her love of learning and literature, she has an incredible aptitude with babies and small children.  Her sole delight is in entertaining little children and making them smile - isn't this glorious in such a wee girl?

She is ''mommy'' to her dolls and takes particular care of their every need or want...her dolls are her children!

Although her interests may change as she grows up, she has expressed a desire to study midwifery when she is a bit older, and loves asking questions to do with babies...  Pregnancy and the gift of life fascinates her.  I believe this is a God-given gift, and if this is indeed her calling, the Lord will keep her inspired and motivated as she matures...

I could write much more about my Gabrielle...I say ''mine'' as she was the baby that at the tender age of ten, I carried around in a sling whenever I could, and devoted hours to.  She was my real love doll - a cheerful baby with gorgeous golden curly hair and big blue eyes and dimples that were too adorable for words...

I can still picture the day I met this little sister for the first time, and how much I enjoyed being able to cradle her in my arms after watching her grow within my mother's womb for nine months - something that seemed like an eternity to me.
Gabrielle and I have always been close, although over the last two years or so, we have drifted somewhat as I have become so busy with my little business and other interests.  
Little girls become little ladies in such a short space of time, and Gabrielle has grown up in the blink of an eye!

My desire is to draw nearer to this sweet little lady and discover her beautiful heart.  Oh, I love this sister of mine!  The girly girl...the ballerina...the blue-eyed princess...the entertainer of the family...the giggling little miss who will often drive me to my wits end...  But she is a treasure, and today is her birthday...her ninth birthday...

Please would you join me in wishing this sweet nine year old a wonderful birthday?

...And now for some pictures of Gabrielle through the years that I have shared on my blog, in no particular order...

 ^ April, 2016 ~ Gabrielle and Rebekah

 ^ Christmas, 2013

^ October, 2015

 ^ November, 2015 ~ Gabrielle and I dressed up for tea...

 ^ February 2016, Gabrielle and Rebekah

^ April, 2014

^ 2014

^ 2014

^ 2014

^ 2014, Gabrielle and Beth

^ 2009, Gabrielle and Beth

^ 2009, Gabrielle and Beth

^ May, 2008 ~ Beth, Mom and Gabrielle

^  April, 2007 ~ Two year old Beth holding baby Gabrielle

^ January, 2015

^ January, 2015

^ June, 2015

^ November, 2015 ~ Gabrielle and Beth

^ June, 2015 ~ Gabrielle and I

^ February, 2016

^ February, 2016


Alex said...

Oh these are just delightful! I can feel you have a special connection with that little lady...I love her freckles! I hope her heart's desire will come true, and in some capacity she will get to look after newborns -
Gorgeous pics, Kelly-Anne, have a wonderful time and I'm thinking of you all in this time of anticipation. ((Hugs))

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to precious Gabrielle! I enjoyed the pictures very much. Remembering you all in my prayers. xo

domenica.60 said...

My best wishes to a sweet little Lady shining like a star !

Sylvia said...

Happy Birthday,Gabrielle! She is precious and reminds me of my granddaughter that loves babies and when I kept her from 6 weeks to 4 years for her mother to work, she would play with dolls and prayed for a sibling, now she is about to turn 18 and will duel enroll as a senior and attend College in the next town, to be a pediatric nurse. Treasure the moments,they do grow up fast.

Linda Walker said...

She still is a real life doll and she is so lucky to have a big sister like you! Happy Birthday to your dear Gabrielle! I hope she has a perfect day to celebrate! xo

Anonymous said...

May our Lord continue to bless her. What joy to see her grow up into a fine young lady just like her big sister :-)

Dani Jeanne said...

There is nothing like the friendship between sisters! I can see through these pictures that you all are very dear to one another. Happy birthday to your sweet sister, Gabrielle!

Dani xoxo
a vapor in the wind

Debby Ray said...

And she's looking more and more like her beautiful big sister as every year passes :) Happy Birthday to you, Gabrielle!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to a sweet little lady ♥ It was so fun getting to learn a little more about Miss Gabrielle and what precious pictures through the years! It's crazy how fast time goes by, isn't it?

I love her heart for sweet little ones, and you can tell what a kind-hearted, gentle spirit she has :) What a blessing she is to your family!

Have a lovely week, dear friend! And enjoy celebrating with Gabrielle!!

Much love to you all,

Daniela said...

Happy Birthday to this wonderful Little Lady, whose smile shines of love and joy !
You know, darling Kelly-Anne, it's incredible, Gabrielle and Beth seem twins even if there are two years between them ... even if I have to say that you all are so very, very nice, my Sweetest One !

Hope your week is off to a great start, I wish you wonderful days to come, dearie,
sending blessings of joy to you !


Ashley said...

Happy birthday, Gabrille! What a darling she is. I'm so glad you shared a little bit about your adorable sister, Kelly Anne. I hope she has the happiest birthday. :)

Much love,

Cecilia Bramhall said...

A very happy birthday to you Gabrielle! Loved all the pictures of her through the years. She is indeed becoming a little lady! Enjoy the day!

Paige said...

Happy birthday Gabrielle! :D What a sweet young lady. :)

Cheryl said...

Happy, happy birthday, sweet, little Gabrielle! Such a dear girl you are, full of grace and fun! May Jesus bless you and keep you always in His tender care! Stay as sweet as you are, dear one.

Ashleigh said...

Oh, what a sweet post and very sweet,lovely sister!
Happy Birthday, dear Gabrille, I hope this year holds many special gifts for you♥ May the Lord bless you richly!
Hugs from Ashleigh

Amy said...

What a wonderful tribute to your sweet sister and her birthday! 9 years is a big deal and it will be a precious year to remember. Please do tell Gabrielle Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!

Thinking of you dear Kelly-Anne!
Hugs, Amy

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, sweet and dear Gabrielle, I wish you a belated birthday! You are a beautiful young lady, and I love your sweet doll! You are so dear to love dolls and babies, and I know you will be a wonderful and dear big sister to your new brother. Kelly-Anne, what a precious post today with beautiful photos and a lovely tribute to your dear sister. I so love each of you girls and praise God for the wonderful family your dear mom and dad have brought up. Lots of love and hugs! xoxo

Little Birdie Blessings said...

Happy Birthday Gabrielle - what a blessing God has given you to have the love of your sisters, parents and now a little brother to love. Those three little ones that your mother miscarried are safe in the arms of Jesus and you will be reunited with them again someday. I hope this year is a terrific one for you.

I like to share this verse with young people who love the Lord Jesus. You certainly have a wonderful role model.

"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."
I Timothy 4:12 NIV