Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday Thoughts...

"Remember this, 
that very little is needed
to make a happy life."

~ Marcus Aurelius

Thursday blessings, my dear friends!

Painting by Mary Cassat ~ Five O' Clock Tea


Sylvia said...

Good quote, Kelly-Anne.
Have a Blessed Day!

Anonymous said...

So true sweet Kelly Anne....We love you...praying for you allXX

Stephanie said...

So very true, sweet friend. Love words to go with a lovely image :)

Sending lots of love and tender hugs your way!

Daniela said...

My dearest Kelly Anne, you know how much I do love this appointment, Ii so love the images you choose and the quotes filled with wisdom going so perfectly with them ... I wholeheartedly thank you, dearie !

Hope you are doing well, I'm sending blessings of love and prayers to you all


Mary Hutchins said...

Beautiful thought!

Elizabeth said...

True. So beautifully true! Thank you for sharing such a sweet quote today, and that picture is simply lovely ♥

Hope you are well! Much love always, dear friend!!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, what a beautiful painting of friends having tea together, Kelly-Anne. How precious, and yes, may we remember that little in this life can make us truly happy - only through Christ! How precious a post! Continuing to pray for your dear mom as we all await the day your sweet brother arrives! Hugs!

Olivia said...

So true! I love the comment, Kelly-Anne!

Cheryl said...

Yes, dear Kelly-Anne, as we get older we realize more and more just how unnecessary so many things are in our lives. It feels so good o downsize and let go of the excess. God bless you, sweet friend. :)

Amy said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Great quote:)
I hope you are having a great day. Its starting to rain here and I got a fire going in the wood stove. Soup is on the stove. Its been a good day!
Hugs, Amy