Monday, March 16, 2015

New Pattern & Fabric Bliss...

Friday morning saw my dear mother and I heading to town to do some much needed grocery shopping... 

I love helping my mother with the planning of the menu for the month and assisting her with the purchasing of groceries...  One gleans so much wisdom in this way...

Sweet Nancy looked after the younger girls at home and also made sure that the pantry was beautifully clean and ready for the great unpack when we came home.

After a great many stops for butter, meat and other essentials, we were done, and Mom and I happily stopped in at the fabric shop before we started the journey home...

I spotted this gorgeous pattern and just had to have it!  

 Such a fabulous impulse buy, and I comfort myself with the knowledge that such a pattern will most certainly be used for many years to come, and I look forward to one day making pretty things with my daughters!
I have spent such a lot of time searching the stores for modest, feminine clothing recently, for it is lovely to come across new items to add to my wardrobe, but I could find nothing suitable...  
Thus, when I saw this pattern, I knew that I would be making more of my own clothing instead!

And here is a peek at the lovely fabric I purchased...

This striking material is a cotton which I will be using to make a short-sleeved peasant top with very simple 'puffed sleeves'...  Aren't the colours lovely?

"Oh, I am grateful,"  Protested Anne.  "But I'd be ever so much gratefuller if - if you'd made them with puffed sleeves..."

Anne Shirley in L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables

As it is quite a bit stiffer than the fabric I normally use, I will make it with straps which will tie around the back and thus give the top a bit more shape... 
Paired with a denim pencil skirt and pretty pumps, it will be perfectly practical and pretty for many occasions!

This design is quite different to what I normally gravitate towards.  
At the suggestion of a dear friend on my 'Feminine Apparel' post not too long ago, I will be making myself a skirt!  
The pattern I intend to use is for a wrap skirt which is oh!  So easy!  

 ...I also bought beautiful red summer cotton which I will be using to make one of the shirts on my new pattern!  *So exciting!*

I think it will look lovely when worn with the afore mentioned skirt and the charming earrings my sister has kindly made for me!


I am hoping to share a few photographs of the completed garments very soon!  
...I am looking forward to some delightful personal sewing this week...once I have made a little bit more stock for the market!

Do come see the projects I have been busy with by paying me a visit at Heartmade ~ it is always so pleasant to have you!

Do you enjoy grocery shopping excursions...?
Have you been sewing anything lovely for yourself of late...?

Many sweet blessings on your week, dear friends!

~ She is clothed in fine linen and purple...  Proverbs 31:22 ~


CGrace said...

Oh! Sewing posts are such happy things, aren't they? And I have to say, wrap skirts have got to be one of my top 10 favorite clothing items. Happy Sewing! I can't wait to see the finished products.

Heidi-Mari said...

Oh my friend! The fabric is beautiful!!
When you come to visit you have to take a look at the patterns my mother has for shirts and dresses.
There might be something you would like to try making!
Missing you lots can’t wait to see you.
Lots of Love

Vicky Hunt said...

Oh, such beautiful fabrics Kelly-Anne! I can hardly wait to see the lovely things you will be making with them. Impulse purchases are often fun ones and I know you will most definitely enjoy this pattern for years to come. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. I always enjoy hearing from you. You are an uplifting and beautiful friend. Have a blessed day.

Hugs, Vicky

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Kelly-Anne,
Your pattern and fabrics are just perfect to pair with skirts. I especially love the print done in brown, orange and and blue. Have a wonderful day!

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

...Indeed they are, Grace! Thank you for your lovely words - I've had a rather busy week thus far, but I'm hoping to attempt some pleasant sewing this weekend coming!
Hope your dress is coming along nicely - it is so wonderful to discover a fellow blogger who loves to sew:)

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Oh my friend! That would be simply delightful - thank you! Such a sweet offer! And I'm missing you too...only a few more weeks!
Hugs and much love to you!

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said... are such a dear blogging friend - thank *you* for all your lovely comments! May your day be beautiful!

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Oh, thank you! I dearly love that one is so crisp and pretty!
I'm so glad you visited today - and I must tell you, I am thoroughly enjoying Stepping Heavenward!!

Bethany Carson said...

Looks like you picked some beautiful material! Would love to see the finished projects. I have a denim skirt that I need to finish, but sewing is always a bit painful for me...I do enjoy grocery shopping! Have a beautiful day!

Stephanie said...

The fabric is simply lovely, my dear! So colorful and happy :) I hope we get to see the finished items...

Today I made three aprons for my nephews. I was a little intimidated to start the project since I have never made children's aprons before, but thankfully all went well :)

Blessings to you, sweet friend!

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Oh, I do intend to share photographs of the finished projects, dear Bethany! Thank you for your kind words - I always love having you!
Hugs and much love!

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Aprons for your nephews - but you are so creative, Stephanie, to undertake sewing for boys! I am greatly impressed! Well done! I dearly need a new apron, so as soon as I'm done with these items, I intend to make one! :)

Hope your weekend has been delightful thus far! Thank you for your lovely visit!
Hugs and much love,