Monday, February 23, 2015

That We May Not Live too Fast…

“In the name of Jesus Christ, who was never in a hurry, we pray O God, that You will slow us down for we know that we live too fast.  With all eternity before us, make us take time to live – time to get acquainted with You, time to enjoy Your blessings, and time to each other.”

~ A Prayer by Peter Marshall

I am always struck by my fervent desire to complete my list of chores quickly so that I may be free to enjoy the rest of my day… 

While this is very admirable, yes, it is also sad in many respects…  Shouldn’t I be relishing every passing moment spent in both work and play?

 How many times do I finish my tasks and think “Now – I am through with my work so let me enjoy the rest of my day!”

Dear friends!  This is not how we should live!

We should make it our ambition to enjoy and delight in each part of our day - the chores and the more pleasurable things so that we don’t live too fast…

…Washing dishes may not sound like an activity to ‘delight in’, but it is an important and valuable part of our lives and thus it shouldn’t be done hastily in order that we may move onto the more ‘important’ jobs...

Daily chores are so important – fresh clean clothes are vital for keeping children clean and warm and a swept floor ensures a smooth walking surface for everyone, and if we continue to rush through these jobs, there are wonderful aspects of each one we’ll miss out on!   
Part of the homemaker’s occupation is to accomplish the less enjoyable jobs in her home… 

I love to gaze out the window at the growing flowers and herbs while washing away the grease on dinner plates, or hum the words to a song of praise while chopping vegetables for that evening's meal…

Life consists of both work and play, so let us be encouraged to take time to enjoy each task before us with a renewed appreciation!

And life is about enjoying the journey – oh!  How many times my dear parents have to speak to me about this very thing! 

Why am I rushing to tick each little box?  Why have I ceased to enjoy the important aspects of this blessed life?

Reading a story to a miserable little one who needs a nap…walking through the garden with my precious Mother and admiring the new growth in the vegetable beds…making crusty loaves of bread with the younger girls…

If I persist in rushing through my day, I will greatly miss out and become a woman of many regrets at the end of this life!

Indeed, this is not easy to apply, but I am greatly encouraged to pray the beautiful prayer of Peter Marshall each morning in the hope of slowing down and enjoying the many rich blessings the Gracious Lord has placed before me.

“Drop Thy dews of quietness,

Till all our strivings cease;

Take from our souls the strain and stress,

And let our ordered lives confess

Thy beauty of Thy peace.”

John Greenleaf Whittier

With love in Christ,

~ Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.  Proverbs 16:3 ~

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Gentle Joy said...

What a beautiful reminder that is so important in our world of rushing to do things constantly. Thank you.

JES said...

I love this post Kelly-Anne! I actually have this same image in a post to be shared in a few weeks :) We do have the same taste it seems. Thank you for this wonderful encouragement! This is just what I needed this week!

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Thank you dear Gentle Joy... I wrote this as a reminder to myself, but I praise the Lord that it served as an encouragment to another... Blessings!

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Dear JES! How funny is that! I've had these beautiful paintings saved for oh! Such a long time so it was lovely to finally use them!
And I am so blessed to know that you were encouraged through this post! May our wonderful Lord bless you richly!
Thank you for hosting such great link parties...your blog is a place to come and be encouraged and inspired:)
Blessings and much love - praying your week is very special!

Stephanie said...

"That we may not live too fast. . ." Those seven little words made me stop in my tracks, dear friend. Your post refreshed this weary soul. Just the other night I told my husband I am simply tired...tired of rushing through the day and having too much on my plate...tired from "worrying" about family members that are not doing well with their health...just tired.

Thank you, dearest Kelley-Anne, for this precious post. My heart has been renewed and strengthened :) God bless you, sweetest friend. Hugs!

Laura Lane said...

Unfortunately, I do have many regrets, but it's not too late.
Be blessed!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Oh, I agree Laura! Never too late! May your day be wonderfully blessed! Happy March!

Kelly-Anne @ Beautiful Girlhood said...

Dearest, dearest Stephanie... Oh! I'm praying much for you, that our precious Lord would renew your strength and lift you up to soar on the wings of eagles!
Hugs to you and may your Sunday be richly blessed! Thank you for all the beautiful encouragement you share and the great blessing that you are to others!
Love, Kelly-Anne