Monday, September 9, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Twenty Eight

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to be back and sharing again after being offline for a few days.  So far September has been a very busy month for us – I didn’t get to as much planting as I had hoped last month, so I have had to spend a good few extra hours sowing, building and weeding this week. 

And I have also enjoyed some crafting on the cold and rainy days.  I’m hoping to have my Christmas gift list planned before the end of the month so I can get creating before the rush of the festive season. 

I love giving homemade gifts to people, even if they’re small.  This week’s craft is a delightfully simple and wonderfully fun one - here is a set of four spring coasters I made from pretty fabrics from my stash.  (Idea taken from Crafts Beautiful Magazine, April 2013) Of course I could never bring myself to use them to rest my coffee mug on, but I am sure the recipient (whoever she may be) will find a way to display them. 
To be honest, I just so enjoyed making them that I never even thought of using them as coasters!

What have you been busy with in September?  Any new things you’ve been doing?

Have a wonderful weekend and may you be blessed:-)



Ginger Girls said...

As always Kelly your crafts are very cute and pretty.
I love the big flower on top. My mom would love these, she loves coasters and I don't really know how to sew, so I knitted some for her but yours are way cuter.
Nothing really new except for school but that is not new cause school is school.
Except in august we did a lot of painting canning and quite busy. May you also have a good week and God bless [sorry this was so long!!!!!].
Hair Stylist:)

Ginger Girls said...

Hey Kelly,
September brings lot's of food canning for us, and as for crafts, us girls are working on different hand arts. Some are to be C-mas presents and others just for decoration. I have been working on developing better drawing skills too.


Kelly-Anne said...

Thank Hair Stylist! I always appreciate your sweet comments and enjoy hearing what you've been up to. Much love, Kelly-Anne

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Sapphire! Loved hearing what is to be keeping you girls busy:-) Hugs, Kelly-Anne

Amber said...

Those are very lovely! I think I have only made one coaster in my lifetime. It is always so nice to make homemade gifts for friends and family, but it can be hard to find good ideas at sometimes.

Thank you so very much for commenting on my blog!!

Tangerine-Tane said...

So sweet! You are so very creative with homemade crafts and gifts, while during Christmas, I just choose to buy presents instead.
Lovely post as always, Kelly-Anne!
Tane ♥