Tuesday, August 27, 2013

52 Crafts in 52 Weeks – Week Twenty Seven

Can you believe that the month of August is almost over?  It seems like just the other morning I sat looking through a garden calendar; planning what I would plant and when.  September loomed far ahead and here we are approaching it at a rapid pace!

These past few mornings have been absolutely exquisite – the air crisp but clear and the sun up and shining by 6:45am when I come inside after waving my dad off.  As I usually get up at 6:00am, I always find a dark morning too awful to bear...  Now with the days becoming warmer and lighter, I am a much happier person:-) 

And just a few days after sowing my spring seeds (I planted them on the 22nd), there are beautiful green shoots pushing their way out of the soil in the light hut! 
There’s much to be excited about at this time of the year:-) 

Now for craft twenty seven...

 I had such fun making this beautiful spring bunting from pretty scrapbook paper.  These butterflies would make beautiful party decorations or a lovely feature in a girl’s bedroom.  My sister, Beth, loved the bunting I made so much that she begged me to give her a few things to make her own.  The idea for this craft as well as the template comes from Crafts Beautiful Magazine, June 2013

What is getting you excited at the moment? 


Ginger Girls said...

Those are very pretty!!!!!
Love the pearls? on the butterfly's.
Hair Stylist:)

Khloe Grace said...

I have awarded you again at my blog-