Monday, June 25, 2012


Sunday took us for a walk down our road after much cleaning and organizing from chaos caused by the night before.

A cold day called for a cosy scarf – a colourful one indeed.

It called for beanies, too.

Sunday called for us all to relax and take a walk – doggy too.

It called Rebekah to pick its flowers and drink in their sweet scents.

Sunday called for Gabrielle to forget her training wheels and take her first ride without them.

Sunday called for tea and granadilla sponge cake...

...And for freshly whipped cream, straight from our cow.

Sunday called for cuddling kitties.
And Sunday called for bedtime prayers...

What was your weekend like?

P.S. Sometimes it is fun to take your little ‘Point N’ Shoot’ camera and take a few snapshots of a day like Sunday...


Wendy said...

For me it was rest and warmth and family. You captured your day so beautifully.

Kelly-Anne said...

Thank so much for visting, Aunty Wendy!

...Sundays are about that sort of thing, aren't they?