Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello Again!

Hello again!! It feels so good to be on my blog again! We haven't yet got Internet on the farm as we are too far out!! I tried going to the library, but each time I went, they were offline! Fortunately my dad has been working in Cape Town so I came down with him to stay at my best friend, Heidi-Mari. I am staying for five nights - but I am really going to miss the farm!

Now I want to tell you a bit about the farm!

...It is BEAUTIFUL!! Never in our lives have we felt so happy! There is so much freedom and we are NEVER inside (except of course when we are sleeping) We beg to be allowed out, but not until our chores are done!!

Our cute cottage, what do you think?

There are also many down sides but we are choosing to focus only on the good!

Snow on the mountains!

Beautiful sunset!

There are two horses: Gaylord and Snowflake. Snow is pregnant!! Very exciting! I ride our neighbour's horse called Hazelnut. She is three and has only just been broken in but she is so gentle and sweet and
thinks she is a human. She comes to you for cuddles and hugs and is so good with the little ones even though she is still so young! I am teaching her to trot properly and to stop (she doesn't like to stop) and we are starting to canter! I ride bareback all the time because she is not trained to have a saddle! We ride up and down the road! Snow and Gaylord are very nosey. Snow loves my mom and she comes onto the porch! Gaylord we call 'Dopey' from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - he always looks sleepy!



Trying to eat my breakfast of maize you can see I was having a bit of trouble....!  I actually got a bit of horsey slobber on my bowl...yuck!

The guinea pigs are doing so well! Cocoa gave birth to Tammy, Peanut and Butter a week or two ago, and Candy, my guinea pig, had her babies just before I left - four, the most she has ever had, or so we thought! This morning my mom sms'd to say that she had two more during the night!! She now has six!! Now there are 13 to look after till it is time to sell them! (Nancy didn't keep Honey.)



Cocoa with Peanut and Tammy.  They are feeding!!!

There is a forest at the bottom of the farm where we have picnics and collect small pieces of wood for the little coal stove in our living area.

The little ones play all day on their bicycles riding up and down the drive! They play with mud, tadpoles and sand toys!!

Nancy and I are enjoying living on a farm! I planted lettuce, radish, onion and Swiss Chard seed the other day. The Swiss Chard is for my guinea pigs!

The sunrises and sunsets are ten times better than in the city. The frogs croak all night, sending us to sleep, crickets chirp and a little bird hops about, tame as ever on our porch! Life is harder and tougher than in the city but there is a purpose to living - there is freedom and beauty all around us and we are wonderfully happy!

This move was good - we are where we are meant to be - praise be to God for opening this door!!!

Blessings to all,


Sarah said...

That looks so lovely. I am glad you are happy there. The guinea pigs are so sweet and the horses are beautiful!

Kelly-Anne said...

Hello Sarah!! Thank you for the lovely comment and for stopping by!! I hope you are having a good week,