Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Beth!

Last week Thursday, Beth turned six years old. She really enjoyed her little birthday party. Us girls (my mom, Nancy and myself) had an absolute ball making her presents!! Gabrielle and Rebekah gave her stickers. (Beth is mad about stickers and loves to collect them!)

I gave Beth a card making kit, full of papers, stamps, water colour pencils, stickers, templates, papers, card kits and so on! She was ecstatic to receive it!! Nancy knitted her a handbag and put a couple of coins in it. My mom gave her a beautiful scarf and a felt flower brooch. My dad unfortunately was still in Cape Town, working, but he came home the next night.

The little party was lovely! We had our neighbours round to enjoy a beautifully decorated chocolate cake, hotdogs and was lots of fun!

We put the table under the huge tree near our house, but far away enough that Rebekah could not hear the noise, as she was taking a nap!

We had to light the candles in the boot of our friend's car because the wind was blowing so the flames kept going out!  The walk to the house was a bit far to just light the candles!!

In the evening, we had was very yummy! Our family is mad about pizza! We make very good ones! Our neighbour, Aunty Michelle, gave us some tomatoes that were a little soft and squishy, so we made our own tomato sauce for the bases!

Beth is so happy to be six and to have her own card making kit to play with! She made the first card made for me as a 'bye for now' gift when I left to spend time with my best friend! The next one she made for Danika, her best friend who is the younger sister of Heidi-Mari!

Beth is a real blessing to our family - without her, life would just not be the same...she is very loving and often you will find her looking straight into your eyes with so much love and affectation that you feel a bit 'scared'! She will often tell how much she loves you with a face full of love....I must say the things she tells us about ourselves is quite touching! Beth will also come and give you a cuddle, then pat you or wipe her hand gently across your face...she is so sweet!

We praise the Lord for allowing Beth to live in our family!!

Blessings to all,

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Sarah said...

Wow! Happy Birthday to Beth back then!
She is sooo cute!
I also like to collect stickers, I have (I think) three books of stickers that I need to swap!