Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peregrine Farmstall

I thought I would share with you pictures of our outing to Peregrine, a lovely farmstall which we often visit! We have always loved this farmstall, and recently started supplying two jars of our fudge there!

It is very well known in our home for their amazing Chelsea Buns! It is a tradition in our family, that whenever we visit the Overberg, we get Chelsea buns! They are big and we enjoy
eating Chelsea Buns! Yum!




Another thing that has always been at Peregrine, since Nancy and I were small, are their tractors! Old ones that are used in the playground! Every one of my sisters has played on the tractors!

Beth driving her tractor.

Gabrielle just fitted into the drivers seat!

And Rebekah even drove on her tractor! She loved it!

Here are some other pictures that my dad and I took!

My sisters and I on on of the tractors. Photo in Sepia.

Photo in color.


I just had to smell the beautiful roses!

My sister took this photo of me!

My mom and dad.


The sunset on the drive home. We saw it along Sir Lowery's pass.

We had such a lovely time!


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Heidi-Mari said...

Dear Kelly
Your pictures are stunning!!
I love the where you and your sisters sit on the tractors and the sunset picture.

Have a blessed weekend my friend.

Lots of love