Saturday, December 19, 2015

Decorative Decoupaged Christmas Baubles

Hello lovely friends and happy Friday to you!  It is exactly a week till Christmas Day, and am I ever so excited!  I have a few more projects I am hoping to complete before my grandmother arrives next week, but I shall see how much time I have...I always enjoy a bit of Christmas crafting, and would love to share a simple idea with you should you feel like doing something Festive and fun this weekend!  {{smiles}}

I saw an idea for beautiful decoupaged Christmas baubles a few years ago, and ever since, I have wanted to try my hand at making them...yesterday evening we older girls gathered together, poured tea and cut homemade Christmas cake, and played with fabric remnants, plain baubles and Podge...

What fun it was to cover each silvery bauble in fabric scraps, and it was amazing to see the different designs each of us came up with!  

To make your own, you will simply need plain baubles, fabric scraps cut into little blocks, Podge and decoupage varnish which is optional.  I like a glossy finish, but if you prefer or don't have varnish on hand, it isn't actually necessary...

Cover the one half of your bauble with Podge (if you do more, the Podge will dry out before you have reached the second half), overlap pieces of fabric, securing them to the bauble by spreading and smoothing more Podge over them with the tips of your fingers.
Continue in this way, using as much Podge as you dries clear so don't worry...and remember - handmade us not perfect, nor should it be!  {{smiles}}
Leave your bauble to dry overnight, then cover in a layer of varnish, if you so desire.
And there you are!  Hang your beautiful bauble on your Christmas tree, stand back and admire your creativity!  Now how about making a few more...?

Do stop by tomorrow, sweet readers...I have a sewing tutorial to share with you, which I am sure you will love!

Much love and Christmas blessings in the Lord!


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Cecilia Bramhall said...

Those turned out so pretty! I love them. I bet you did have fun making them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelly-Anne! These look just lovely! Julia and I made something similar to this many years ago. We used Christmas colored tissue paper and then added some glitter around some of the edges. Oh, what fun it is to create something new and beautiful :)

I love all the different fabrics you all chose- very feminine, simple and old-fashioned looking! Looking forward to your next post- I'm getting the itch to begin sewing again soon! I have several projects that I want to begin after the new year starts, and I'm sure your post will just inspire me even more :)

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the weekend! Talk soon!
Much love and many hugs!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh dear Kelly-Anne, these are so beautiful, and I just love them! And, yes, they are never perfect nor should they (no one is here on earth now!). But, oh, I love the color schemes you've used, and I hope you enjoyed making more of these! I've been MIA lately but hope to keep more on schedule. You know how my life has been lately. Thanks for your prayers, precious friend. And I have enjoyed seeing the posts in my inbox. Much love to you! Hugs!

Cheryl said...

Oh, my! What a beautiful idea! I LOVE these! They look so dainty ad feminine. Thank you ever so much for the lovely idea, sweet Kelly-Anne! God bless you and your family with a wonderful Christmas!!! :)

Daniela said...

These are really gorgeous, my darling Kelly-Anne, I wonder the patience and the love you put in this work, the result of which is so very 'old-fashioned' and charming !

Thanking you for your wonderful friendship I wish you and your dear ones the Merriest of the Christmases, lived surrounded by the warmth of your family and with the Lord's blessings.

Shoregirl said...

Those are the cutest handmade bulbs I've ever seen! Love the strips of fabric on them -- so homey!

Debbie Harris said...

Very beautiful, Kelly-Anne.
I especially like the blue one. This year I was drawn to blue with all my gift wrapping and boxes of goodies shared with loved ones. Each year is different with the color scheme I will go with.

How wonderful that your grandmother will be joining you for Christmas.
May you and your loved ones have a blessed and joyous Christmas.

Much love~~ Debbie

Stephanie said...

It's truly a delight to pop in for a little visit while on my blogging break :) Your Christmas baubles are oh-so-sweet, my friend. I just love the different vatieties of fabric!

Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, dear friend. May you and your precious family have a joyous Christmas. Love to you!

Margie said...

Love it! Thank you for sharing this fabulous idea, Kelly-Anne! I wonder if paper napkins can also be used for this decoupage project? There are some paper napkins that are almost too pretty to use! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Paige said...

Cute idea, friend! I'm sure between you and your sisters, you have a beautifully decorated house.

Alex said...

Oh they really do look lovely! I can picture you all doing this together : )
What a good idea.
Christmas hugs to you, Kelly-Anne! I hope you have a wonderful time with your Grandma's visit, too.

Lydia S. said...

Beautiful! I love this idea!

Amy said...

My mom in law and I made something similar to these a few years back, they are very pretty and I love the colors and patterns! I normally always make a craft each year, but I just haven't felt like it this year. Maybe next year...
I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas, Kelly-Anne! Take Care!

Debby Ray said...

Kelley-Ann...these are totally delightful! I hope you and your sweet family have a most Blessed Christmas! Hugs and much love to you!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

So beautiful! I love the decoupaged look, and the joy of putting lovely fabrics together and creating something new and beautiful! A wonderful way to spend some precious time with your family creating together! :)