Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday Pearls

"...The fact is, we do not hate ourselves, nor do we need to learn to love ourselves more.  We do need to learn to deny ourselves so we can do something which does not come naturally - to truly love God and others.  Our problem isn't so much a ''poor self image'' as it is ''poor God image''.  Our real need isn't for a higher view of ourselves but for a higher view of God.  When we see and esteem Him rightly, then we will esteem ourselves rightly - as objects of His immense love, whom He has chosen to rescue and redeem from our sin by His grace.  It doesn't get any better than that!"

~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss, The Quiet Place

"No one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church."

~ Ephesians 5:29

May each of you have a truly blessed Thursday praising the name of our mighty Lord and King who loves and cares for us so deeply that He sent His only Son to die for sins...He is so good to us!

Painting by:  Elbert Henry Collings


Daniela said...

What a wonderful painting, my darling, and what precious words in your quote !
I think that one of the noblest virtues that a person can have is modesty, it is so very miserable to have a high opinion of ourselves, I feel compassion for those people loving themselves such a lot to become their presence heavy to bear ...
You're so right, knowing God we arrive to know and value us in the right way !

Have a wonderful remainder of your week, my dearest Kelly-Anne, be blessed !
With dear love

Lydia Scott said...

I really appreciated this quote Kelly-Anne. In light of the recent fads "love yourself more" and "you can't love others until you love yourself" I think you DeMoss quote hits the nail on the head. Love God and the rest will come in a natural way.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful words and a precious reminder, sweet friend! YES, dear Lord, may we love you more and ourselves less! I think often of dear John the Baptist and how he was content in his role and only wanted JESUS to shine! May we ever adapt more of his mindset, and may our greatest desire be for HIM to increase, and ourselves to decrease. By the way, my dear, sweet husband just brought in the mail, and guess what???? I have a beautifully wrapped package from South Africa!!! SO excited to use these preciously-made cards!!! Thank you for the beautiful care you took in packaging and making them. :) I will think of you each time I use one. God bless you!!

Blue Jeans And Teacups said...

Good morning sweet Kelly-Anne - or whatever time it may be there :)
This is a lovely post. I am a details person, so of course I had to do some quick research. I found the name of this portrait is: "Girl with Lilac" and is actually by Albert Henry Collings, not Elbert if the internet is to be believed -smile. He lived all his life, 1868-1947, in London.
The Quiet Place is a lovely daily devotional first published 2011. For American & Canadian shoppers it can found at a discount here:

I love how your quote takes the focus off of "ME" and puts the focus where it belongs. On "HIM". Thank you for sharing. I hope you like the extra details for your blog. Happy weekend hugs to you!!!

CherylQuilts said...

Ah, Kelly-Anne, yes, what a precious quote from Nancy's devotional. We were talking about this very subject on Wednesday in our small group. The smaller we get, the bigger God is. May we continue to strive to see God in all His glory and power. And what a beautiful painting once again that indeed is stunning with the bouquet! Hugs, dear friend!

Hannah said...

It is because I feel secure in how much God loves me, that I can deny myself in not defending myself when others mistreat me and putting up with their emotional short-comings. His love is wonderful and sustaining. I enjoyed your post, Kelly-Anne